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Ana Maria Braga’s daughter responds to criticism for her simple life: ‘My choices have defined me’

Mariana Maffeis, daughter of Ana Maria Bragra, is a yoga teacher and lives with her family on a farm in the hinterland of São Paulo

Away from the media, Marianna Maffeisdaughter of Ana Maria Braga, leads an alternative and simple life. She is a yoga teacher and lives on a farm in the interior of São Paulo with her four children and her husband.

However, his way of life generates criticism on social media. This Wednesday, 1st, Mariana responded to negative comments on Instagram. “Even without choice, I feel exhausted. Even without choice, because I didn’t choose to swim against it, I simply have nowhere else to go or be. I got here because nothing could be different. I act on instinct and the trust of be in my perfect place and time”start.

“My choices have defined me, defending them even more, because, having to defend anything, the precious energy that was assigned to me is already wasted”said Marianna.

Already in’Conversation with Bial’ This Tuesday 30th, Ana Maria Braga spoke about her daughter’s lifestyle and said she was worried about Mariana’s idea of ​​having natural births at home. “The most I can do is put everyone on duty and if something happens there is an ambulance that can arrive. The dialogue sometimes becomes difficult. You have your arguments and I have mine, but it’s no use: you already have 40 years old, it’s his life, his children are his, it’s his responsibility”, the presenter explained.

Source: Terra

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