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Fiasco on Netflix: is there a season 2 for the series with Pierre Niney?

Pierre Niney and his big fiasco on Netflix

Launched with great fanfare this Tuesday 30 April 2024, the miniseries Fiasco created directly by Igor Gotesman and Pierre Niney, it ranked first among the most watched series on Netflix in France. It must be said that all the ingredients were there to arouse the curiosity of subscribers, starting with the XXL casting, composed in particular of Pierre Niney, François Civil and Géraldine Nakache.

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Like The Office, Fiasco takes the form of a mockumentary (more commonly called a mockumentary) and takes place on a movie set where everything goes to hell. While Raphaël Valande (Pierre Niney), a young director, is preparing to shoot the film of his life on the story of his resistant grandmother, the trouble keeps comingand the shootout quickly turns into general chaos.

Behind these recurring problems, Raphaël and his team soon discover that there is a mole responsible for all this, and they will do everything to find out who the traitor is.

With its seven episodes, Fiasco deploys its angry humor and its gags destined to become cult. Against all expectations, the series ends on a rather dark note.

Is there a season 2 planned?

In the last episode, Raphaël discovers, shocked, that the traitor is actually Slice (Igor Gotesman), the director of the making-of. In fact, the latter had every interest in the filming degenerating in order to have material for his own film. But in the last seconds of the last episode, Slice slides from the roof of the cinema where his series was broadcast, and falls several meters below, probably dead (although anything is possible there). Fiasco).

So the story really seems to be over, but what is it really about? Our colleagues at Tele-leisure asked Igor Gotesman about it, and here’s what he had to say about a potential season 2:

“I designed the product as a miniseries. In theory, this is the end of the story.”

This seems clear to the co-creator of Fiasco.

Source: Cine Serie

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