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After 39 years, this amazing movie mystery has been solved: “What could he have been thinking?”

Remember the end of Teen Wolf, Rod Daniel’s 1985 cult film Michael J. With Fox: On the basketball court, when Scott scores the final basket to seal the victory for his team, the entire crowd stands in a frenzy and marches onto the court. Lift him and his teammates into the air. It’s a touching scene where Scott chooses his best friend. He got everything he wanted and he didn’t have to be a werewolf for it. But there’s another interesting thing going on in the background…

For decades, many have focused on this addition, wearing a red sweater and skinny jeans with no head visible. While in the stands, the man stands up, his fly is fully open, and appears to be fixing something before wrapping it up. Let’s start the theories…

Once eagle-eyed fans noticed this strange moment, the whole world weighed in with their opinions. The scene has since been viewed thousands of times online. The most shared theory: This man was determined to show off his little things to the public – and one man even confessed to the crime in a radio interview, claiming to be Chris Haggerty, an extra whose name appears in the film. Fans have repeatedly asked themselves how the editors of the film did not see this most suspicious move or why they did not remove it from the final cut?

This theory became a veritable urban legend, but was debunked decades later. In a video published on TikTok, the omidfilms channel analyzes the situation:Who is this person? What could he be thinking?“This is one of the questions.

In the video, we see an excerpt from an interview with Lois Freeman-Fox, the film’s editor, who explains for the first time why he kept the shot in the film: simply because he liked the movement of the scene as a whole, not really focusing on the background.

Tim and I later worked on another film and he was a bit upset that I left that shot in the film. Because it’s the end. But it was something I enjoyed moving. So I went ahead and put it on. I’m sorry I did it now because Tim was so upset about it.

While the controversy has been debunked multiple times online, expert fans have decided to put it down once and for all by zooming in on the shot and using it full-frame — rather than cutting it for theatrics. The result: it’s not a man who gets up and lifts the fly, but a woman, as you can see in the video below!

Therefore, the raw image of the film shows that the mysterious exhibitionist was indeed a woman – and not necessarily an exhibitionist. Following this discovery, the superhuman Chris Haggerty spoke out in 2014 on the subject – The Real Chris Haggerty? Indeed, remember, this is the name given by the man on the radio who claimed he was the “culprit”.

IMDb actually lists an actor of that name listed as “Fan #2”. Adolescent wolf. The problem is that the person who appeared in the movie under that name is a woman named Christina Haggerty. In an interview on the subject, the latter, who said she was not the woman in the video, was on set that day and said she saw several extras unbuttoning their pants between two buttons:

I’ve seen some extras unbutton their pants between the buttons and then button them up when we were about to shoot. I believe it did.

I have to admit that being extra is not fun at all: the times are long (and numerous) and can sometimes last for hours, and maybe this mysterious woman just wanted to feel more comfortable unbuttoning her jeans before forgetting to pack her flight shades. get up We’ve all been there…

Whatever his motivation, the theories about the male exhibitionist were quite wrong. The truth was elsewhere.

Teen Wolf (1985) is currently available to rediscover on Prime Video streaming via MGM+.

Source: Allocine

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