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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Friday 3 May 2024 Episode 1679 [SPOILERS]


Friday May 3 Tomorrow belongs to us…

The Curtises rally to help Benedict escape

Dorian and Luna wake up in a shelter by the water. Etienne comes to see them, sure that the police didn’t follow him. Two young men confirmed to him that they had robbed the house to try him. It was Etienne who taught them the safe-opening nitrogen technique, even if they were not successful in using it. Given the magnitude of the events, while Manon is in the hospital, Étienne regrets taking his son back. But the latter absolutely wants to go ahead with Benedict’s escape plan.

At the hospital, William and Renault tell Manon that all her test results show that she is suffering from functional paralysis due to the extreme stress she experienced when she was trapped in the police car after the accident. Manon confirms that she thought she was going to die. When she saw that a cart was being brought to her, the young woman began to panic. The father reassures him: there is no obligation and his paralysis is not irreversible.

In turn, Timothy watches over his father, who has woken up from a coma. Martin comes to question her about the accident. Although Victor did not see the face of the driver who blocked the road, he remembers that he was alone behind the wheel of a dark car. This matches the testimony of Manon and Nordin, which is valuable to the police.

At the police station, Nordin overhears Aurora talking to William on the phone about Manon’s case. As soon as he hangs up, he apologizes to her. The young man blames himself for not taking the wheel for him during the patrol. Martin joins them to give them an update on the investigation: they say the two reported robberies are connected, even if the first is more successful than the second. Either way, both were made with liquid nitrogen—one of Etienne’s and Langlois’ signatures. Nordin thinks the robbers are acting as a team, which doesn’t quite do Etienne justice. While waiting for other evidence, the police decide to concentrate on the fences, sure that the thieves will try to sell their goods.

Meanwhile, Etienne asks Renault for news about Manon. While the young girl’s paralysis may progress in one direction or another, Reno emphasizes that Benedict’s condition has improved significantly. So much so that he will be able to return to prison the very next day. Distraught, Etienne waits until he is alone to call Dorian and warn him. They think of a way to save time.

Meanwhile, William and Aurora try to convince their daughter to see a psychologist. But the latter believes that he does not need it. He is sure he will walk again soon. Parents respect his choice. Aurora notes that Nordin asked about her. Manon bets her ex is mad about letting him drive.

A little later, Luna goes to the hospital and manages to convince Victoire to let her see Benedict, despite the ban. Victoire agrees to let the young woman accompany him while he goes to check on her constants. Luna shows her support for her mother-in-law by carefully placing the medicine pack in her hand before leaving.

After taking the medicine, Benedict feels sick…

Violet confesses her feelings to Jordan

In the morning, Jackie shows Jordan the photo of herself that Bastien sent to her class group the day before. Jordan is very surprised. Jack, wanting to know if Bastien is really gay, asks Jordan to find out about it from Violet.

In high school, Jordan asks Violet if Bastien has a crush on her. Annoyed young girl pretends yes. Jordan then asks her to send a message that he is quite interested in girls.

Later, Violet informs Bastien about the misunderstanding that has arisen in Jordan. Diego also confirms to his friend that the rumor about his coming out has now spread through the school.

At the end of the day, Violet makes it up to Jordan by admitting the truth. He explains that Bastien made a mistake: he should have sent the photo to her. Jordan initially believes he took it because he liked the shirt he was wearing that day. But Violet makes him realize that she too loves the man who wore her…

Nathan discovers his father’s secret

While running on the beach, Valentin is passed over by Bruno and discovers that he is staying in a tent. Although he claims that he just had a disagreement with his neighbor and that he doesn’t mind going wild camping, Valentine feels that he is being lied to. He can’t help but tell Nathan.

The latter goes to the beach and confronts his father. Bruno explains that he wanted, for once, to put his son’s happiness above all else by giving him the privacy he needs with his girlfriend. He can’t rent anything. And his electronic wristband also complicates matters. Nathan is deeply touched by his father’s gesture as he hugs him.

In turn, Agnes tells Chloe that she offended Bruno. He blames himself for giving false hope. Even if she finds him attractive, she doesn’t want to get involved with a man who isn’t stable.

Source: Allocine

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