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The 10 best films with Madonna

In addition to being a singer and dancer, Madonna stands out in the artistic world as an actress, being a complete artist. Check out the 10 best movies starring him

No wonder Madonna received the title of queen of pop. Born in Michigan, USA, and involved in singing and dancing from a young age, the 65-year-old artist began her career in 1984, when she began singing, dancing, acting, setting trends, dictating behavior and showing attitudes politicians and revolutionaries. of music. And since then she has never stopped shining.

Famous for her courageous lyrics and controversial clips and presentations, in which she challenged the Catholic Church, addressed sexuality and nudity, condemned American lifestyle and by actively taking a stand in favor of the LGBTI+ cause, Madonna has become a timeless icon, who has been able to reinvent herself over the years, conquering different generations.

Madonna in a scene from the film Evita (Image: Disclosure/Buena Vista Pictures)

In total there are 40 years of career, 14 studio albums published, 12 tours (the last one, The celebration tour, which ends with a historic show on Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro), countless shows around the world and 18 films. Proof that, in addition to dance, the artist also has a talent for art in general. And of course he would also have a stint in cinema.

In addition to acting in films such as Body on trialin which a young woman accused of murder lives after the suspicious death of her millionaire boyfriend, and Preventsof 1996, in which she plays the Argentine actress Evita Peron, the singer has also appeared in titles such as 007 – A new day to die AND A very special team.

To find out in detail about these and other works by Madonna at the cinema, consult the list on Canaltech put together the 10 best films of the singer’s career.

10. Snake eyes


Drama released in 1993, Snake-eyes is a film directed by Abel Ferrara in which Madonna plays the character of Sarah Jennings, an actress who is recording a film about an abusive marriage. During the recording of the title, however, the actress has to deal with the dark Edie Israel (Harvey Keitel), the film’s director who begins to mix reality with fiction, adopting violent and aggressive behavior.

In addition to Madonna and Keitel, the film also stars James Russo (Justice Pact), Vittorio Argo (Hectic addiction) and Glenn Plummer (Showgirl) in its cast. The production was awarded at the Venice Film Festival and Madonna’s performance was highly appreciated.

Snake-eyes can be seen on Oldflix.

9. Who is that girl?


Protagonist MadonnaWho is this girl? is a romantic comedy directed by James Foley in 1987. The cast also includes Griffin Dunne (An American werewolf in London), the plot follows in the footsteps of Nikki Finn, a young woman accused of a crime she didn’t commit, who asks a lawyer for help to prove her innocence. However, not an easy mission, given that the girl has a very eccentric personality.

Feature film distributed by Madonna along with her tour Who’s that girlthe film was born from a personal desire of the actress, who had been harshly criticized for her performance in Shanghai surprise, but I still wanted to make a comedy film. The soundtrack of the title was in fact quite successful, reaching the top of the US charts.

Who is this girl? is available for purchase and rental at Amazon.

8. Left for you


Launched in 2000, Left for you is another foray into Madonna comedy, this time directed by director John Schlesinger and starring a young woman named Abbie Reynolds. In the plot, Abbie and Robert are friends with a lot in common, but who never thought of having a romantic relationship because Robert is gay.

One day, however, after a night of heavy drinking, the friends spend the night together and Abbie becomes pregnant, opening a new world of motherhood and fatherhood for both of them. With Benjamin Bratt (There is a lack of sympathy) and Neil Patrick Harris (How I meet your mother) in the cast, the title was nominated at the 2001 GLAAD Media Awards.

Left for you can be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

7. Body on trial

Erotic thriller with Madonna, Body on trial is a film directed by Uli Edel, which tells the story of Rebecca Carlson, a young woman who sees her life change when her boyfriend dies and leaves her a million dollar inheritance. The number one suspect in his asphyxiation of her, she hires a lawyer to defend her in court, but she ends up starting a sadomasochistic relationship with him too.


Despite highlighting Madonna’s career, the film ended up reinforcing stereotypes about the artist’s sexuality and received criticism for having a weak script and direction. However, the plot is considered essential to know the singer’s work, which also stars actors Willem Dafoe (Poor creatures) and Julianne Moore (The secrets of a scandal) in its cast.

Body on trial is available for purchase and rental on iTunes.

6. 007 – Die Another Day


Spy film directed by Lee Tamahori, 007 – A new day to die it is a 2022 title in which Madonna stood out as an interpreter of the soundtrack, so much so that she was nominated for a Golden Globe as best song for the song Die another day. Furthermore, the artist made a small appearance in the plot as the character Verity, giving life to a fencing instructor who ends up not having much relevance in the plot.

With Pierce Brosnan (Oh mama!) AS James Bondthe film tells an original story about the spy, in which he begins a chase against Gustav Graves and his right-hand man Zao, two villains who want to develop a high-powered weapon. technology capable of destroying the planet.

007 – A new day to die is available for purchase and rental on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

5. Dick Tracy


Directed by Warren Beatty, DickTracy is a feature-length crime action film released in 1990. Starring Warren Beatty (Bonnie and Clyde), tells the story of the detective who gives the film its name and is famous not only for being one of the best at fighting crime, but also for being able to escape bullets quickly and precisely.

In the plot, Madonna plays the character The Blank, an artist and star attraction at the Ritz Club, who becomes the only eyewitness to many of Caprice’s (Al Pacino) crimes. Five new songs were created exclusively for Madonna’s performances in films, one of which is Sooner or laterOscar nominee.

DickTracy it is not available on any service streaming or digital platform.

4. Avoid


Another title in which Madonna also shines is Preventsa musical directed by Alan Parker in 1996. In the feature film, based on true events, the singer plays Evita Duarte de Peron, an Argentine actress who rose from poverty to become a very influential woman in the country, but who also became very hated when she became first lady.

Much appreciated by audiences and critics, the film was nominated for five Golden Globes, winning in the categories Best Film, Comedy or Musical, Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for Madonna and Best Original Song for You have to love meplayed by the protagonist of the film.

Prevents can be seen on Star+ and Oldflix.

3. A very special team

Launched in 1992, A very special team is a comedy film directed by Penny Marshall and starring Madonna. Based on the true story of the first women’s baseball team, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, stars Geena Davis (Thelma and Luisa), Lori Petty (Free Willy) AND Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) in its cast, having recently won a series version on Star+.


Set during the Second World War, when the lack of men in professional teams encouraged the presence of women in sports, it follows in the footsteps of Mae Mordabito, a player whose characteristic is sexual freedom, a quality that combines very well with The Career Madonna’s musical.

A very special team is available for purchase and rental on Amazon and iTunes.

2. Desperately looking for Susan


1985 feature film, Desperately looking for Susan is a dramatic comedy directed by Susan Seidelman and starring Madonna herself. In the plot, the Queen of Pop plays a housewife mistaken for a fugitive, who finds her life turned upside down as she tries to escape the trouble that awaits her.

With Rosanna Arquette (Win or die), Aidan Quinn (Legends of passion) and Giovanni Turturro (severity), the film was nominated for awards such as the Golden Globe and BAFTA, being critically acclaimed and very successful in cinemas.

Desperately looking for Susan can be seen on MGM+.

1. In bed with the Madonna


In the first place there is hatred In bed with the Madonnaa documentary recorded during the tour Blonde ambition in 1990, set in the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. Like all documentary plots, we see not only the artist’s professional life, but also a little of his personal path.

Produced by director Alex Keshishian, the film also chronicles Madonna’s relationship with her band members, choirs and dancers. Even though it was a documentary, the singer was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress in 1992. On the other hand, her storyline was a commercial success, with global revenues of $29 million.

In bed with the Madonna is not available on any streaming service or digital platform.

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