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Cineclube Cortina announces new project that will bring live sound during the film

The event features the collaboration of KL Jay and the band Mental Abstrato, who will work on the soundtrack for Spike Lee’s film

Cortina Film Club presents the project Screen in Trance, a fusion between cinema and live music. The project premieres on May 9th, at 8pm, with the DJ KL Jay (Racionais MC’s) and the jazz and hip hop group Abstract Mentalwho will work on the film’s soundtrack “Do the right thing” (1989), directed by Spike Lee.

“Propose and recreate new sound universes of visionary works by great cinema directors”, says Thiago Duarcreator of Screen in Trance.

“Do the right thing” is recognized for his criticisms and recommendations to the Oscardirected by Spike Lee, the film deals with a clash between Salvatore “Sal” Fragione, owner of a pizzeria in Brooklyn, and his employee Mookie, amid racial tensions and questions of identity. The narrative’s soundtrack delves into the hip hop and jazz culture of the 80s and 90s. KL Jay, DJ of the Racionais MC’sIt is Abstract Mental, a band that mixes jazz, rap and black music, will be responsible for bringing it to the event. After viewing, KL Jay The party continues with a set inspired by the film.

Service — Cineclube Cortina

Rua Araújo, 62 – República

Instagram: instagram.com/cineclubecortina


8pm – 9pm – opening {DJ Thiago Duar}

9pm to 11pm – film

11pm to 12am – DJing {KL Jay}

Tickets at the link

Source: Rollingstone

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