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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: ‘You’re a Liar and a Fraud’… Furious Jessica discovers the truth about Charles

Warning, this article contains a lot of spoilers for tomorrow’s upcoming episodes. If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

After meeting Charles (Robert Calvette), Jessica (Garans Theile) was on cloud nine in Tomorrow Belongs to Us. However, Moreno’s girl has no doubt that the man she loves has squandered the association’s money to repay her debts.

But as always tomorrow is ours, the truth always comes out. In the upcoming episodes of the TF1 daily soap opera, Charles will have to confess his forgiveness to Jessica. Enough to destroy this young couple…

Everything between Charles and Jessica is over!

In A new extract is available on the TF1+ platformJessica is angry. It must be said that the latter discovered that Charles had embezzled the association’s money to repay his debts.

Charles still wants to explain himself by admitting his mistakes. “I had no choice. I did this to protect you“, he continues, before moving on.Do you remember Hugh? The guy who told you we were childhood friends at the spoon. He is the one my former associate sent from Greece. He told me that if I didn’t give him the money, he would come after you. What do you want me to do? I stayed“.

Unfortunately, these explanations are not enough for Jessica. Angry, the latter then reminds him that the police suspected him and that his father was arrested because of him. According to him, he was only thinking about taking money intended for sick children.

Then the young woman said:You are a liar and a fraud Charles. you hate me Now forget me and leave me alone“.

When he asks if she’s going to report it to the police, Jessica says no. “I hesitated, but you see, I just want to forget. Forget it and move on. Now you are out of my life Charles“, he concludes.

This already closes the love story of Charles and Jessica in the movie “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”. We’ll have to watch the rest of the show to find out if the police eventually discover that Juilliard’s son is behind this heist.

Source: Allocine

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