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After HPI, Audrey Fleurot returns to the movies with a comedy star!

Audrey Fleuro, after a three-year absence from the big screen due to filming the hit TF1 series, HPI, is set to return to the big screen soon.

While the first episode of HPI’s fourth season will air on May 16, the French actress is currently filming the feature film Regarde! in which he stars alongside Danny Boone.

Written and directed by Emmanuel Poulin-Arnaud (Les Cobayes), the film is a remake of Pedro Pablo Ybarra’s Mexican film Ya veremos.

It follows Chris and Antoine, a separated couple. Their 14-year-old son, Milo, has been blind for some time now. The diagnosis is final. Milo goes blind. Chris and Antoine will have to put aside their repeated arguments to finally hit the waves of Hossegor as a family and enjoy more…

Young Evan Bourdelle, already seen in Juniors and Judith Godrèche’s series Icon of French Cinema, plays Milo. Nicholas Marie is also involved in the casting. According to French movieFilming on the feature film began at the beginning of April and should be completed on June 3 between Paris and Hossegor.

Audrey Fleur

Spy comedy with Josian Balasco and Ramsay

But this is not the only film project of the luxurious translator Morgan Alvaro. Audrey Fleuro is also expected to star in the comedy Mission Véga, written by Philippe Mechelen and Julien Hervé (writers of Mascara) and directed by Christoph Offenstein (En Solitaire).

He stars in this spy comedy alongside Josiah Balasco and Ramsay Bedia. In the film, Bomir Perdozan, the only son of the terrible dictator of Morduria, is a dangerous tyrant in life, but also an unconditional fan of Carine Vega, the former fame of French singing, who performed the hit “Kiss My Heart” in the early 2000s.

When the latter is invited by Boumir to a private concert at his villa in the south of France, DGSE seizes the opportunity to infiltrate a secret agent into the music group and tries to recover some “sensitive” information. But the best French field agents suddenly find themselves in short supply, and the DGSE is forced to send Yannick Dupuis, their cunning and cowardly computer scientist, on a mission…

Source: Allocine

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