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“We refuse to recognize ourselves in this hegemonic masculinity”: More than 100 individuals sign an article about the MeToo movement.

100 people support the #MeToo movement“It is with this title that a new rubric emerged in the reaction to the #MeToo movement, precisely to support and with the unprecedented peculiarity of being all-male.

Because while we heard many women’s voices, be it their stories, testimonies or their words of support, the voices of supportive men were much rarer, with a few exceptions, as François Ozon recently sent to Judith Godrech.

Under the guidance of the mathematician Anouk Greenberg’s companion, Michel Brouet, who spoke especially much about Gerard Depardieu, the text was written and supported by several individuals, including Christine Ango, writer, Charlotte Arnault, actress, Emily Cain, actress, or Annie Erno, writer, and Anouk Greenberg, actor and artist.

The text was signed by Mathieu Amalric, director and actor, Swann Arlo, actor, Jacques Audiard, director, Reda Cats, director and actor, Marc Missonier, film and series producer, Manuel Alduy, France Télévisions film director, Edv. Plennel, a journalist or even Christian Lacroix, a designer.

Here are some excerpts from this text to read in full in Eli’s columns.

In the past few years since the #MeToo revolution took off, we’ve learned how men’s behaviors, sometimes thought of as harmless, were being experienced by women for what they were: abuse.“.

A man cries, a man loves, a man can be offended

Contrary to what we sometimes read, we don’t think we’re targeting men. The practice of equality is desirable, it neither takes away liberty nor pleasure, but increases them; It makes relationships beautiful. We refuse to recognize ourselves in this hegemonic masculinity. For example, defending running and taking care of the female sex is absurd: a man cries, a man loves, a man can be offended.“.

It’s exciting that theater and cinema cover up villains that have nothing to do with art. Likewise, “it is rebellion to use one’s own prestige, whatever it may be, to abuse the admiration it gives rise to.“.

Readin Eli’s columns.

Source: Allocine

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