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Benedict Cumberbatch takes you to the most anticipated Netflix series of May 2024… Here’s the trailer!

New York, 1980s After his nine-year-old son Edgar disappears on his way to school, Vincent begins a desperate search. Considered one of the best puppeteers in the Big Apple, the creator of a hugely popular children’s show, Vincent struggles to cope with his son’s absence, but is overcome with grief and gradually loses his leg.

Self-loathing and wracked with guilt, she clings to Eric, a puppet painted by Edgar, confident that she can bring this blue monster character to the screen when her son returns. As Vincent’s increasingly destructive behavior alienates him from his family, colleagues, and the investigators who try to help him, Eric, an illusion born of necessity, becomes his only ally in finding his son.

It is a prestigious series

This is a synopsis of Eric, Netflix’s next UK production. In this case, the platform once again collaborates with Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange), after the excellent “Dog Power” and short films adapted from Roald Dahl’s short stories like Dream. Changing register with this mini-series at such a specific pace.

If the series opens with a child abduction — a theme seen and seen in film and television — the trailer takes a rather predictable, even fantastical turn in its final moments, as Eric’s character comes to life inside his creator’s head. . This new Netflix production, which is in the prestige category (just like Ripley, for example), is written by Abby Morgan (Suffragettes) and produced by the same company that signed Chernobyl.

The rest of the cast includes Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts), Gabby Hoffman (Our Children), Jeff Hefner (Chicago Mad) and Clark Peters (Crossroads). All six episodes of Eric are expected to hit Netflix on May 30.

Source: Allocine

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