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Cars from Compadecida 2: find out everything about the film

The film will be released on December 25 and promises new adventures set against the backdrop of the friendship between the protagonists João Grilo and Chicó

The teaser for the movie “O Auto da Compadecida 2” has been revealed showing the reunion of the Chico AND João Grillo after 20 years. Directed by Guel Arraes AND Flavia Lacerdathe film will be released in theaters on December 25th, promising new adventures guided by the friendship of the protagonists. Virginia Cavendish it will come back as RosinaWhile Enrico Diaz will interpret Joaquim Brejeiro.

“Today we come from Brazilian families. We frequent Sundays of all races, ethnicities, social classes. We don’t take a step, anywhere in Brazil, without being asked about Chicó and João Grilo, if my friend Matheus [Nachtergaele] he is fine. We have become part of the Brazilian family and it is very nice to relive it”He said Selton Melloin an interview with Folha de S. Paulo.

It also includes the new cast Taís Araújo, Humberto Martins, Luis Miranda, Eduardo Sterblitch AND Fabiula Nascimento about the characters who will now be part of the story. The film, shot late last year in Rio de Janeiro, revisits the universe of Ariano Suassuna 24 years later, with a completely new plot.

The birth of “O Auto da Compadecida”

The opera, originally born as a theatrical piece, was written by Ariano Suassuna in 1955 and premiered the following year. In 1999 it was adapted into a miniseries by TVGlobowith more storylines than the film version, as some of these parts were later removed from the film.

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“O Auto da Compadecida” is one of the best-known Brazilian comedies, which tells the story of friends Chicó and João Grilo, who live in the hinterland of North East. They find themselves in several funny situations as they try to survive in a harsh environment. Finally, the plot involves several adventures between the two, as well as introducing noteworthy characters such as the cangaceiro SeverinoTHE Compassion and himself devil.

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