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It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Monday 6th May 2024 Episode 919 [SPOILERS]


Everything starts here on Monday, May 6…

Cardon wants to replace Kelly with Jasmine

At the Institute, Kelly has still not recovered from Cardon’s sacking of the Coupe de France brigade leader. Malik shares his frustration. Lionel urges them not to give up. He reminds Kelly that they know Benoit DeLobel personally, who is president of the jury for the Coupe de France. He urges his girlfriend to contact him.

Meanwhile, Clotilde criticizes Cardon for not fulfilling his obligations: namely, forewarning the Armand sisters about his decisions. Next to Zachary, the chef defends Kelly’s credit. But the school’s new principal confirms that the young student is not as tough as the competition from the Coupe de France. He himself plans to choose a new brigade thanks to Zachary’s suggestions. However, the latter categorically refuses to train another brigade except Kelly. Seeing the professor standing next to him, Cardone asks to meet him face to face.

In turn, Kelly calls the elder DeLobel. The latter cannot help him, because during the competition his coach represents the institute, not the brigade itself. Since he can’t be fired, Kelly, Salome, and Lionel suggest that if Zachary refuses to train another brigade, Cardone will have no choice but to reinstate them. At the same time, they receive a message from their principal, who calls all the students to the amphitheater in two hours.

Later, in the amphitheater, Cardon announced that Kelly’s brigade was not up to the level to participate in the Coupe de France, and he decided to replace them. Zachary is keeping a low profile, and Cardone adds that he has agreed to train a new brigade whose members will be selected soon.

After the meeting, Zachary confides in Kelly that he did everything he could to protect her from Cardone, but he directly threatened to fire her from the Institute if she didn’t agree to train another brigade. Kelly has a hard time dealing with disappointment.

Cardon summons Jasmine to his office in the presence of Leroy. She offers the young girl the position of brigade leader for the Coupe de France, pointing out that Jasmine deserves it more than Kelly since she beat her during practice last week. When Leroy thinks this is a golden opportunity, Jasmine declines the offer and leaves.

At the park, Jasmine tells Jim about the situation and realizes that he was the one who suggested her statement to her father, who then presented it to Cardone. Jim actually believes that his girlfriend is the best person to replace Kelly. But Jasmine refuses to take this low blow on her friend.

At her roommate in the swamp, Kelly worries about Lionel and Salome. At the same time, they receive a message warning them that the West Zone Brigade is retreating due to an accident their trainer suffered. Re-reading the rules of the Coupe de France, Salome discovers that if a team is withdrawn, the former winner from the region has the right to represent themselves. In this case, Teissier was already the champion of this region. If she agrees to be their coach, Kelly will compete again…

The Institute opposes Claire

Clotilda then joins Olivia at Double A, where they meet Claire. Clotilde confronts him about the deal with Annabelle: restore Louis to the Institute in exchange for the directorship. Clotilda states that she would not have voted for Cardon if she had known. Claire, for her part, takes responsibility for her actions. Despite their recent breakup, Olivia hasn’t forgotten that it’s her birthday and decides not to stick the knife in the wound. He wishes her, then leaves.

Arriving in the kitchen for Gwino’s class, Vicky discovers that many portraits of Louis have been hung with the question “Will the killer be back soon?”. If he thinks it’s childish, Suleiman thinks it’s justified. When he goes into the kitchen, Claire asks him to remove the portraits. In revenge, she instructs the students to complete an extremely difficult exercise that will be graded. At the end of the course, Suleiman got 10/20 and Vic got 8/20.

Tom can’t forget Bill

At the Institute, Tom is still trying to figure out who Billy slept with at the singles club party. Little does she know that her ex made her believe such things to crush her last hopes.

To stay on the topic, Enzo and David advise him to sleep with another girl. David manages to get the number of a girl Tom is looking at.

A little later, David and Enzo try to find out if Tom texted the girl in question. The latter admits that he didn’t before completely changing his speech when he sees Bill walking near them and presumably listening to him. So Tom pretends to have a date. Bill, who has actually heard him, believes that he has the right to do what he wants.

Seeing that Billy doesn’t really count anymore and doesn’t feel jealous, Tom really sends a message to the girl he met earlier.

At the end of the day, David and Enzo find Tom in his bed watching TV. He admits to his friends that he did talk to the girl through messages, but that he didn’t want to continue with her. He preferred to watch the series, which reminded him of his situation with Billy. David and Enzo stay with him to watch his streak end.

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