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Coritiba sacks coach Guto Ferreira

Coritiba repeated the same recipe as always. Friday evening (3), after the defeat against Sport against… Coritiba fires coach Guto Ferreira was published for the first time on Banda B.

Coritiba repeated the same recipe as always. On Friday evening (3), after the 1-0 defeat against Sport in Couto Pereira, Treecorp, owner of SAF alviverde, announced the dismissal of coach Guto Ferreira. Like last year, two months were lost with the elimination of the Campeonato Paranaense and the “interseason”, with the change of coach made after this entire period. If in 2023 António Oliveira fell after the first round of the Brasileirão, this time Guto resisted until the third round of Serie B.

Guto Ferreira’s career at Coritiba has been tumultuous since his first spell in 2002. After leading the team to escape relegation to the Brasileirão, he was sacked a month later without further explanation. There were those who said that Coxa wanted a “more modern” coach or that he had a “better image”. But he falls and is replaced by António Oliveira, who doesn’t last five months.

After Antônio Carlos Zago and an interim period that became effective for Thiago Kosloski, Guto Ferreira was rehired at the end of the 2023 season. He led the team in the last two rounds of the Brasileirão and had two longer training periods – at the beginning of 2024 and after the fall of Paranaense in Maringá. In total, in this second period, Guto led Coritiba in 21 matches, with nine wins, five draws and seven defeats..

Pressure in Coritiba

The fall became inevitable after the pressure put on the coach in the defeat against Sport. Banners against coach and chief executive Carlos Amodeo were displayed on Couto Pereira’s social media pages and security cracked down on protests. During the substitutions, at half-time and at the end of the match, Guto Ferreira was booed and called “stupid”. The CEO Alviverde was also highly criticised, as he entered the changing rooms looking like he had few friends and long minutes passed before anyone came out to speak to the journalists. The announcement was made by head coach William Thomas.

Now Coritiba goes on the market to look for a new coach. The name already mentioned before the dismissal is that of Thiago Carpini, who Treecorp already liked before leaving Juventude for San Paolo. Now free, the coach is one of those who could take Coxa’s place. Another current defends the hiring of a foreign coach, with a very different attitude to shake up the team..

Coritiba firefighters coach Guto Ferreira was first published on Banda B.

Source: Terra

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