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This is the cult series of the 90s: Matt Reeves and JJ Abrams offer its continuation

Long before superheroes appeared in the movies, fans of the DC Comics universe could enjoy the adventures of vigilantes, thanks to the Batman animated series of the early 90s, which took center stage in what is known as DC animated universe (“DC Animated Universe”, in French).

The first DC Comics Multiverse

The Batman animated series, produced after the success of the Tim Burton film, is not a sequel to the feature film. The program borrowed film noir codes to reflect the Dark Knight’s own mythology, but also the origins of his most iconic foes.

New characters also debuted in this series, most notably Harley Quinn, who is now considered an essential antagonist in DC Comics. In addition to its aesthetic and story quality, the series also owes its popularity to its legendary theme music, set to music by Danny Elfman (the original soundtrack was by Shirley Walker).

1992 Series Credits:

A huge success with audiences, the Batman animated series spawned several more or less direct sequels; Especially New Batman Adventures, then Batman: La Relève in 1999. More than thirty years after its first broadcast, the program will be the subject of a new expansion, through the animated series Batman: Caped Crusader, which is expected on Prime Video.

What role does the creator of the original series have in this new project?

This cartoon will be exclusively broadcast on the Amazon streaming service, while the project was originally intended for the Max platform. The sequel to the 1992 series is directed by JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves (director of The Batman franchise). Bruce Timm, creator of the original series, is credited as an executive producer for this new production.

The voice role for the series is not yet known. The interpretation of Batman is the subject of many questions, especially since Luck has the heavy responsibility of succeeding the late Kevin Conroy. In VF, the Black Knight was voiced by the no less iconic Richard Darbois in the previous series.

The animated series Batman: Caped Crusader (ten episodes, already ordered season 2) can be seen exclusively on Prime Video from August 1.

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