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Un Si Grand Soleil Preview: Episode Summary for Monday 13 May 2024 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil that airs Monday night on France 2! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

On Monday 13 May at Un si grand soleil…

Arno kisses Thais

At the Agera house, Arno has just learned from his lawyer that the man suspected of killing his father was one of Anna’s lovers. Unexpectedly, the young man confronts his stepmother and tries to confess that he wanted to get rid of his father in order to get his money back. in vain Arno then vows to pay.

Meanwhile, Claire is particularly cold towards Florentine, who apologizes to her for neglecting her recently. When he offers to see Kira this weekend, Claire gladly accepts before kissing him.

In turn, Tice calls Arno to check on him. The angry young man continues to insult his mother-in-law. When he threatens to kill her, Tice suggests a meeting at the swimming pool after class.

At the police station, Alex went through the case of Laurent Borde’s three fellow prisoners. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing. At the same time, Manu receives a call from the scientific police, who inform him that they have finished examining Philip Agera’s cell phone and found spyware. In fact, Philip had been spying on his wife for over a month.

As night falls, Tais joins the Arno at the municipal swimming pool. After spending some time in the water, he realizes that he has lost his bracelet. Arno then dives in to retrieve it under the imposing gaze of Tais. Arno then kisses her.

At the station, Commissioner Becker evaluates his teams. As Philip spies on his wife, he instructs Manu to interrogate Anna again. However, the latter prefers to search his own house. Once he agrees, the commissioner orders him to go to the judge to request a written statement.

Berthier meets Natalie

At L. Cosmétiques, Bilal and Karine apologize to Berthier for his behavior the previous day. Since he holds no grudge against them, Bilal and Karine take the opportunity to question him about meeting Matilda. Uncomfortable, the accountant leads them to believe that he had a great evening with her.

Natalie, on the other hand, planned a dinner with her children at Les Sauvages. Although things are much better, he hopes that things will be okay with Emma.

Meanwhile, Berthier admits to Leonor that Matilda does not exist. In fact, he did some research and realized that his photos were stolen from an Australian woman’s profile. And suffice it to say, Berthier regrets not listening to his colleague. Leonor tries to calm him down, but to no avail. Berthier then vows to do it because he has no desire to be the laughing stock of everyone.

Worried about him, Leonor breaks her promise and takes Enrique and Bilal into confidence. In order not to make the same mistake with women, he urges them to train. So Enrique and Bilal invite their colleague for a drink this evening at Les Sauvages.

At the same time, Emma confides in Enzo how afraid she is that this meal will go wrong, but he assures her that everything will be fine.

At the end of the day, Enrique, Bilal and Bertier meet at Les Sauvages. During the discussion, the accountant realizes that Leonor has spilled the beans and that her colleagues know about Matilda. He leaves the restaurant annoyed.

Meanwhile, Emma, ​​Natalie, and Tom are dining a few tables away. When Natalie tells them she’s likely to be fired, Emma imagines that her mother has fallen back into drug addiction. A wounded Natalie gathers her belongings and leaves the facility with tears in her eyes.

While walking on the beach, Tom’s mother meets Berthier, who asks for a handkerchief. Eventually, Nathalie and Berthier confide in each other about their unhappiness. Both of them had a bad night, Natalie encourages him to tell her everything that’s on his mind and then he does the same. Berthier smiles and accepts.

Source: Allocine

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