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Better than a Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise movie? The series version of Interview with the Vampire arrives in France today!

What is it about?

A young journalist, Meloy, is in a room talking to an elegant man with an aristocratic appearance and a pale face, Louis, who gives him a very strange confidence. Meloy, fascinated by the seduction of his interlocutor, asks him, at dawn, to take him to his world of vampires.

A story of eternal love

In 2021, the literary world mourned the death of the American writer Anne Rice, who left her mark on the 5th art, especially in the genre of fantasy. The one to whom we owe the “Vampire Cycle” has long guarded his property. In the early 1990s, he approved an adaptation of his best-known novel, Interview with the Vampire, the first installment in a franchise that would sell hundreds of millions of copies.

After criticizing and then accepting the film version directed by Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, Anne Rice joined forces with her son to work on a series featuring two of her paper characters – Louis du Pointe du Lac and Lestat – and what she wants. To be as faithful as possible to his writings.

Interview with the Vampire, which Rice was an executive producer on, finally aired on AMC a few months after his death. Actors Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones) and Sam Reid (Terminator 5) were chosen instead of Cruise and Pitt.

He will therefore not witness the critical reception received by this new adaptation of his book. With an excellent rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes (an American review aggregator), Interview with the Vampire won all the US press. Journalists were mesmerized by the alchemy between its two headliners, the sets, the music and the quality of the writing. However, they believe this new iteration is more in line with Anne Rice’s writings, emphasizing the passionate relationship between these two immortal lovers.

As gothic and haunting as the novel, this new series also stars Bailey Bass as Claudia, Asad Zamani as Rashid / Armand and Daniel Molloy as Eric Boghossian.

AMC didn’t wait until it renewed Interview with the Vampire for Season 2, which has been received just as positively by the press. But this is the first burst of episodes that the French are invited to discover today on Paramount+.

Source: Allocine

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