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Sneakerheads unite to help flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul

The creators of content dedicated to sneakers have organized a campaign with the support of brands in the sector to collect shopping vouchers and products to be given away, with the entire value donated

The images of the catastrophe that devastated Rio Grande do Sul are shocking and have dominated the news in recent days. But one of the issues that attracted the most attention was the situation of thousands of people without access to drinking water. A fundamental and vital need that has been suppressed by the tragedy. In addition to the humanitarian dimension, which in itself is incentive enough to help, much of what the Brazilian sneaker scene consumes comes from the state, one of Brazil’s largest shoe centers.

Given these different factors, many sneaker content creators in Brazil have come together to implement the “Colabora, Sneakerhead!” campaign. The mobilization was intense, almost all the brands in the sector were contacted and those who decided to participate were grouped together in some lotteries, the initial objective of which was to raise funds for the purchase of water for the local population. The campaign organization will continue to monitor emerging needs, whether it is providing food, mattresses or blankets. The requests identified will determine future aid actions.

During the organizing process, creators were divided into creative, operations and campaign teams, and many resources were gathered. The first achievement is now available, with 10 rewards, of which the main one is, without a doubt, that of providing some relief amidst the chaos. The link for the first lottery is https://rifa321.me/rifa/colabora-sneakerhead and each number costs R$20.

Many brands have joined the campaign

There are still some negotiations ongoing, but for now I would like to thank the brands and stores that are already participating: Antic Apparel, Artwalk (Afeet), Asics, BAW, Carnan, Cinq Galerie, DeFato Sneakers, Espaço.con, Evoke, Guadalupe, Hoy, ahoy!, Isa Lucena, Knulu, Maze, Maya Glasses, Moonday, O’Store / Overboard, Öus, Overcome, Pace, Piet, Puma, Respect, Respect Brand, SAVE1, Studio 78, Street apparel, Tennisbar, TND Sneakers , Cancel for tomorrow, As usual and Your ID. There will also be a contribution of an original artwork by Sarah Kamada and an original ONURB canvas.

Source: Terra

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