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Switch 2 | Nintendo confirms backwards compatibility with physical media

Nintendo confirms that Switch 2 will be backwards compatible with physical media and digital games via Nintendo account; the launch will take place from April 2025

The President of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawahe specified that the Nintendo Switch2 will be compatible with the Original Switch digital library via Nintendo accountand reinforced the importance of backward compatibility with physical media as well. Furukawa also said sales projections of 13.5 million units this fiscal year does not include numbers for the new console, placing the launch window after March 31, 2025.

The statements were made during a meeting with investors and covered several points about the new Switch, recalling it Switch 2 it is not yet the official name —, confirming this information that until then had only been rumors. An important point, however, is that the company believes that the new console should not face stock availability issues at launch.

“Regarding the availability of the Nintendo Switch successor, at this point we do not see semiconductor supply issues like those that occurred the year before, and we do not expect this to be an issue for the console’s launch.”, says Furukawa.

Focusing on Nintendo Switch sales

Again according to the president of Nintendo, the announcement of Switch 2, undated but expected for the current fiscal year, should not have a direct impact on Switch sales. NintendoSwitch. The projection of a 20% decline by March 31, 2025 is more related to the life cycle of the generation, but is still very promising.

The plan to ensure revenue health in this final stretch is to launch new ones groups together aggressive marketing actions. With this it is possible to serve both new potential customers, attracted by the popularity of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and box office success from the movie Super Mario Brosas well as for families who treat the Switch not as a family console, but as a personal object.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz

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