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Blue & Company: There’s a Superstar in the Movie With Ryan Reynolds… And You Haven’t Seen It!

Warning – The article below may contain spoilers for “Blue & Company” as it reveals one of its surprises. So please go ahead if you haven’t seen it yet.

Steve Carell, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Sam Rockwell, Bradley Cooper, Maya Rudolph, George Clooney, Awkwafina, Amy Schumer or the late Louis Gossett Jr., who died on March 29. That’s just part of Blue & Company’s impressive sound. Add to that Ryan Reynolds, Fiona Shaw, Kailey Fleming and John Krasinski, who plays the heroine’s father, who also voices Melty Marshmallow.

However, there is another big name in the film, but it’s very hard to pin him down until the end credits when it’s…Brad Pitt. And for good reason: an actor “represents” Keith, an invisible imaginary friend who is stopped by Cal (Ryan Reynolds) and who doesn’t say a word. Not even a stifled sob when bumping into someone.

So much so that we’re wondering if the Hollywood Oscar-winning actor for Once Upon a Time… was actually involved in the project, unless it’s a fluke. Especially since his name appears last in the credits and there is absolutely no evidence of his existence before that.

As in Deadpool 2?

Also, Brad Pitt has never worked with John Krasinski before this movie. Unlike Ryan Reynolds, who appeared in Bullet Train after allowing the superstar to make a cameo in Deadpool 2:… in the shoes of the invisible hero whose face was revealed to us when he died of electrocution.

Has Ryan Reynolds made sure to continue this hiatus in Blue & Company? Released in our cinemas on Wednesday 8th May, the film will bring together the three male stars of the Ocean’s Eleven saga.

Source: Allocine

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