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A popular football anime is coming to French cinemas this summer!

Blue block : The film arrives in theaters this summer

We almost forget it because of the Olympics, but Euro 2024 is fast approaching. It will start on June 14th in Munich and end on July 14th in Berlin. But if a month of football wasn’t enough, there will always be the possibility of continuing to vibrate, always in front of a ball, this time at the cinema and with a famous anime. Not the legendary Olive and TomBut Blue blocka more recent work taken from Kaneshiro Muneyuki’s manga published in 2018.

Originally, the story sees Japan establish a program that brings together the country’s 300 best high school attackers. The objective is to extract the best scorer in the world from this selection and then win the football World Cup. From there an anime was born, broadcast from 2022 on Crunchyroll, and which quickly became a great success. And while a second season is being prepared, the streaming platform has announced the airing of an animated film, Blue Lock The Movie – Nagi Episode.

Blue padlock ©Crunchyroll
Blue padlock ©Crunchyroll

Distributed by Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures Entertainment in theaters worldwide from June 2024, the film will complete its tour in France on July 31st. Here are the dates announced so far; additional dates in other territories will be announced soon.

  • June 27: June 27: Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan
  • June 28: Nigeria
  • June 28: Estonia, Latvia
  • 4 July: Croatia, Lithuania, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia
  • July 5: Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom
    July 11: Netherlands
  • 12 July: South Africa, Norway, Romania
  • July 17: Italy
  • July 18: Iceland, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic
  • July 19: Bulgaria, Finland, Kenya, Poland, Sweden
  • July 23: Germany, Austria,
  • July 31: France, Francophone Africa

A spin-off about Nagi

As the title suggests, this film Blue block it will not focus on Yoichi Isagi, the hero of the manga and anime, but on Nagi Seishiro. It is therefore a spin-off around the high school student when he discovers a talent for football. In addition to the film’s release date, Crunchyroll offered a preview of what to expect for fans Blue block with a summary to discover below:

“I’m too lazy.” It was Nagi Seishirô’s favorite phrase, when she led a boring and monotonous life… Only that everything changed when she crossed paths with Reo Mikage, a student at her school who dreams of lifting the World Cup. It is the latter who discovers Nagi’s hidden talent and pushes him to play football to show the whole world the extent of his genius.

One fine day, Nagi receives an invitation to participate in a mysterious project called “Blue Lock”, where he will meet the greatest strikers in Japanese high school football. The dream he shares with Reo of becoming the best player will motivate the prodigy to explore new horizons in the unknown world that awaits him.

A genius only reveals himself as a genius when we discover his potential… and it’s Nagi’s turn to set the world of football on fire with his incredible talent and extraordinary personality.

See you on July 31st to find out Blue Lock The Movie – Nagi Episode in French cinemas.

Source: Cine Serie

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