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Suicide Squad game loses $200 million to Warner

The Suicide Squad game generated a loss of about $200 for Warner Bros. Discovery and was classified as disappointing by the company

The failure of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League It was already known, but now we know the extent of the damage. A Warner Bros.. Discovery presented its fiscal first quarter 2024 results and revealed that the game Suicide squad generated losses of $200 million.

During the presentation to shareholders, the company’s president, David Zaslav, complained about the game’s performance and said he was disappointed with the final result. And not only in financial terms, since it highlighted the terrible reception that the title had among specialized critics and the public.

The failure of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has finally been quantified and generated losses of $200 million for Warner (Image: Screenshot/André Mello/Canaltech)

And all of this has caused Warner’s gaming department’s revenue to decline significantly compared to the first quarter of last year. Since the game featuring Harley Quinn and other members of the Suicide Squad sold less than expected, the company ended up in the red, contributing to the loss of nearly $1 billion for the conglomerate In the period.

During the presentation, the head of the financial department of Warner Bros Discovery, Gunnar Wiedenfels, was keen to underline several times how the poor performance of Suicide squad affected the quarter’s results, even more so than last year, in which the company’s gaming division had celebrated the success of The Hogwarts Legacy.

Launched in February 2024, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League it was a kind of tragedy announced. The match had already been viewed with great suspicion by the public because it was announced as a game as a service, similarly the various postponements have only increased this fear.

And, when the game finally arrived on consoles, the end result did little to change this negative perception, offering a game considered quite generic and repetitive. So much so that it doesn’t even mention the fact that it was developed by Rocksteady, the same company responsible for the acclaimed series Batman: Arkhamit was enough to get the players excited.

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