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‘Robin Williams wrote to my school principal’: 30 years later, Madame Doubtfire’s children have fond memories of the star.

The years have passed and although Robin Williams sadly left us in 2014 at the age of 63, his on-screen children are still connected. Recently reuniting to appear on the “Brotherly Love” podcast, Lisa Jakub (Lydia), Matthew Lawrence (Chris) and Mara Wilson (Nati), who played Chris Columbus’ three children in the 1993 classic “Miss Doubtfire,” reminisced The past and especially at the time when Robin Williams He tried to help them in their education.

Robin Williams He actually went so far as to fight so that Lisa JakubNow 45, is able to find a place at his high school after being expelled for filming a movie.

My Doubtfire kicked me out of high school. I am Canadian. I studied in high school in Canada, then I left for four months to make a film. We were going to set up this system, before the internet, where I would send my homework to school. We did that for a while.

He continued: “As Matt remembers well, we had tutoring, three hours of homework every day on the set. We were filming for a few months and my school in Canada sent me a note saying, “This isn’t working for us anymore, don’t come back.” Yes, I was devastated in 9th grade. It was heartbreaking because I had this life that was so unusual and it was the only normal thing.

And here is where Robin Williams He took matters into his own hands.

It was really hard work“- he explained. “The surprising thing was that Robin saw that I was worried – she asked me what was going on. He wrote a letter to my principal saying that he wanted them to reconsider this decision and that I was just trying to continue my education and career at the same time and that they could support me in this. The director received the letter, framed it, posted it in the office and did not ask me to return it. big.

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But he is not the only one Robin Williams Seeking Educational Assistance: Matthew LawrenceThe now 44-year-old, also kicked out of his school, later said during a podcast that the legendary actor wrote him a letter of recommendation to help him get into the University of Southern California.

as for Lisa JakubHe later managed to attend the University of Virginia without a high school diploma after leaving Hollywood at age 22 — and even then, his past caught up with him.

I took a statistics class and when I got feedback, the TA wrote, “Dear Doubtfire Girl, you got a B.

But what she takes away from the whole experience is the real acting training she got from it Robin Williams personally.

We always used a script, so I knew that when it was my turn, I could have my say. Then you go on set with Robin and it’s… ‘Who the hell knows what’s going to happen now?’“, he explained Lisa Jakub laughs “You really had to be, so it was a meditation where I couldn’t wait for someone else to say my line. I had to be in the room with another person and I had to listen and just respond. It was definitely a lot more meditative than what I’d done before, which always seemed to me to be confident.

Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence and Mara Wilson (who turns 37 in July) starred as a trio of siblings in the next film Robin Williams As their father, in the midst of a bitter divorce, makes a whole plan to see them every day, disguises himself as an elderly British woman and hires a nanny to look after them.

Besides being one of the most iconic movies ever Robin Williams, Mrs. Duttfire It was a real success with $441 million earned at the worldwide box office before winning the Oscar for Best Makeup.

Madame Doubtfire can be re-watched with the family and streamed on Disney+.

Also discover the movie’s gaffes and mistakes below:

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