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Wanessa Camargo confirms that she is back together with Dado Dolabella

The singer got back together with Dado Dolabella before the show in Sao Paulo, resuming the broken relationship from BBB 24

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Wanessa Camargo has confirmed the resumption of her relationship with Dado Dolabella. The revelation occurred a few moments before her performance in Sao Paulo this Friday the 10th, at the start of her new tour. According to the singer, the relationship was resumed recently and discreetly.

Discretion and mutual support

“Everything is fine. We are together, we live our story. We want to make our own way. We don’t need to tell everything,” the artist told the G1 website. He also reported that Dado was backstage at the show, making his first public appearance since resuming their relationship. “We were already caught together, but today he is here and everyone will see that we are officially back. It’s a story of years,” added the singer.

Reconciliation details

The artist, who participated in “Big Brother Brasil 24”, explained in detail how the couple decided to get back together. “But we’re back together, yes. We talked a lot. And we have another chance for ourselves, because it’s not a story from a few days ago. And we can always fight for love,” Wanessa emphasized.

Previous history of the couple

This isn’t the first time Wanessa and Dado have rekindled their relationship. They initially dated between 2000 and 2002 and reconciled for the first time in 2022, before splitting again earlier this year – depending on the version, before or after the reality show. The current shoot marks the couple’s second reconciliation.

Did they really separate?

Some say they were never separated. Wanessa talked about Dado during the reality show as if he were a steady boyfriend. But with her tumultuous exit from the reality show, her mother, Zilu Camargo, tried to take matters into her own hands to avoid the cancellation of her daughter, who was expelled from “BBB 24” for attacking Davi Brito, the future champion. She banned Dado from visiting her daughter and blamed him for unnecessarily exposing Wanessa on social media during her confinement. Then, in an interview with “Fantástico” on March 17, shortly after her expulsion, Wanessa announced that she had broken up with her boyfriend. The statement was reportedly part of a public relations package that included an apology for structural racism, in a since-deleted video contradicted by the singer herself.

However, a month later, the couple was already seen together publicly. On April 19, they participated in the “secret after” of “BBB 24”, organized by Yasmin Brunet with former participants of the reality show. Dado Dolabella reportedly arrived at the event alone, while Wanessa arrived accompanied by friends. During the party, however, the two were seen hugging and holding hands.

Source: Terra

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