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Pedro Scooby reveals school situation during rescue in RS: “Taken by the faction”

The surfer is helping save the rain victims and thanks the police officer for his kindness

Surfer Pedro Scooby volunteers to save victims of the floods that hit Rio Grande do Sul for 13 days. On his social media he thanked the police escort for being able to enter a school “taken over by the faction”.

“Thank you for all your support since we got here! Your team [delegado Lacerda] who supported us by entering one of the schools that was occupied by the faction!”, wrote Scooby.

In recent days, reports of looting and robberies at factories in Rio Grande do Sul have increased, as well as reports of sexual abuse in shelters.

In his reports, Scooby said he saw a “body floating” and also had “scabs” on his feet from the rainwater. “The water we enter has dead animals, dead people have passed through it, millions of bacteria. By the way, my feet are scabby,” she explained.

Find out how to help flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul
Find out how to help flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul

Source: Terra

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