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Batalha das Solteiras: will the drama have a second season on Netflix?

Netflix’s new Thai drama Batalha das Solteiras portrays a dystopia where the number of women exceeds the number of men in the world, making the male population precious. With the aim of selecting the most capable women to fill the role of wives for the few available men, a reality show is created, where the candidates compete to win the attention of available singles.

The series, now coming out in 2024, became a success as soon as it was made available in the streaming platform’s catalog, and many are wondering if the production will have a second season, especially due to Netflix’s terrible habit of canceling its series.

Synopsis and cast of Batalha das Solteiras

Series: Batalha das Solteiras Image: Reproduction

A pandemic that broke out in 1974 had serious consequences for the population: the rate of children born to men dropped to only 1%. Now there are only 314 men left, called Cavalheiros, who are being held in a place created by the government called The Farm. To select the ideal candidates to become the wives of these Gentlemen, a reality show called Batalha das Solteiras was created, where women compete for the attention of available singles.

Day, the protagonist, is a normal girl, but she is going through a difficult situation: her sister May has cancer. May is a big fan of Batalha das Solteiras and enrolls Day in the program. To fulfill the wish of her sister, weakened by her health situation, she agrees to participate in the program and obtain an autograph from May’s idol, Gentleman Son.

The main cast consists of Pongtiwat Tangwancharoen (You Are My Heartbeat) as Son, Kemisara Paladesh (I Remember You) as Day, Lilly Apichaya Thongkham (The Promise) as Chanel, Trisanu Soranun (Apartment 6/9 ) as Almond and Thongmee Natthaweeranuch. (Spiriti – Death is at your side) in the role of Jenny.

Will Batalha das Solteiras have a second season?

To date, Netflix has not yet confirmed a second season for the Batalha das Solteiras series. However, the cancellation of the drama was not announced either, which left a cliffhanger at the end of the last episode that hints at the possibility of the plot continuing. Given the success achieved, it is possible that there will be a renewal for a new season, but the streaming platform has not yet expressed its opinion on the matter.

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