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Understand the benefits of raising a child in Portugal

The country has proven to be an advantageous place to raise children in several ways.


Portugal is a child-friendly destination thanks to its mild climate, excellent cuisine and safety. In 2022, 40.1% of children born to foreign mothers in the country were Brazilian, with the right to Portuguese citizenship which can be guaranteed with continuous legal residence of at least 5 years.

In Portugal, Brazilian women turned out to be the largest group among foreign mothers of newborns in 2022, accounting for 40.1% of this segment. Of the 83,671 children born in the country that year, 14,003 were children of foreign women, of whom 5,615 were resident Brazilian immigrants. Furthermore, the majority of children, precisely 4,828, also have parents of Brazilian nationality, demonstrating that this community continues to grow and integrate into Portuguese society.

Leônia Pinheiro, managing partner of CV International Assessoria, a company specializing in immigration, nationality and international affairs consultancy, highlights some advantages of raising children in Portugal. “It is a country that offers a unique combination of safety, quality education and a multitude of family activities,” she says.

According to a study conducted by Airport Parking Reservations, Portugal was voted the third most child-friendly destination in the world, thanks to its mild climate, exceptional cuisine and exemplary safety. With these points in mind, families moving to the region find a welcoming environment, with well-equipped facilities to welcome children, offering everything from changing tables in bathrooms to free recreational activities in shopping centers and parks.

Leônia also highlights the importance of considering Portugal as a home for families.

“The country not only enchants with its beauty and rich culture, but also stands out as a safe place ready to welcome people from all over the world. With European standard education, abundant leisure opportunities and an accessible healthcare system , the country offers all the conditions so that parents can raise their children in a healthy and culturally stimulating place”, he adds.

Integrated education

Portuguese schools, in addition to being free, offer integrated education that goes beyond basic subjects, preparing children to be responsible and aware citizens from an early age.

Regarding the citizenship of those born in Portugal, the legislation allows any child of Brazilians born in the country to automatically acquire Portuguese citizenship.

“This status guarantees rights such as access to quality healthcare and education and freedom of movement within the European Union, as well as allowing obtaining a Portuguese passport, which opens the door to travel in more than 180 countries without the need for a prior visa”, specifies Leonia.

However, to guarantee this nationality, it is necessary that at least one of the parents has legally resided in Portugal for one year before the birth and can demonstrate this residence. Furthermore, if naturalization is requested after birth, the family must demonstrate continuous legal residence for at least five years, including proof of the child’s school attendance in Portugal. The specialist emphasizes the importance of having assistance to assist in this process.

“Portugal is the ideal choice for parents seeking quality of life for their families, ensuring excellent education and a healthy lifestyle,” he concludes.


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Source: Terra

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