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“I don’t understand why”: Artus’ regrets before climbing the steps of Cannes 2024 with the team Un p’tit thing en plus

Something more: Artus succeeds in his cinematic gamble

The comedy Something extra, the first production by actor Artus, has been a huge success at the cinema since its release on May 1st. After a record start (the best of the year, 2024 awaits us Dune 2), the film continues its good momentum and has currently attracted more than one and a half million viewers to theaters.

The plot of the film follows Paulo (Artus) and his father (Clovis Cornillac), hardened thieves, who are about to be arrested by the police after yet another crime. To escape the authorities, they locate a group of adults with disabilities, who embark on a summer camp in a remote corner of the Vercors.

Paulo is mistaken for one of the participants and his father sees it as a perfect opportunity to remain discreet, waiting to be able to resume their life as thieves. Then they get on the bus with the others. To avoid arousing suspicion, Paulo then pretends to be a disabled adult, Sylvain, who is traveling with his partner.

Something extra tells of their stay in this summer camp where their preconceptions are shattered in contact with these holidaymakers who have a lot to teach them. Halfway between The eighth day AND Our happy daysthe film managed to win the hearts of the French public thanks to its humor and tenderness.

Climbing the stairs in Cannes without luxury costumes

Artus and his entire film crew Something extra have been invited to come and participate in the 2024 Cannes Film Festival on May 22, and will therefore have the opportunity to climb the famous staircase of the Palais des Festivals. However, Artus regrets that no luxury brand agreed to dress the film crew. Speaking to France Inter, the director and actor reacted to this disappointment by declaring that he did not understand the reason:

They tell us stories about quotas saying “we have already lent out all our costumes”.

A reason that did not convince Artus, who declared that it is “more elegant for a brand to dress Brad Pitt than to dress Artus and even more so actors with disabilities”.

Finally, the film’s costume designers will dress the team that will climb the Cannes steps.

Source: Cine Serie

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