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On Netflix, a funny and surprising romantic comedy for the weekend!

Reuniting with young love at the worst possible time. That is, in a few words, Mother of the Bride, the premise of the new movie that will be in the Netflix catalog starting May 10. This is a romantic comedy that meets all the codes of the genre, from the dream destination to the funny coincidences that will complicate the lives of our heroes.

The story begins with Emma, ​​a young woman about to announce her upcoming marriage to her mother, Lana. The latter, widowed for some time, cannot get her daughter to leave the family nest and live her own life.

Things get complicated when, while arriving in Thailand to celebrate their union, Lana learns that the groom’s father is none other than Will, an ex-con who broke her heart in college decades ago.

Rom com with a bit of originality

Directed by Mark Waters, the director of Lolita, despite me with Lindsay Lohan, Mother of the Bride is a film that meets the specifications of a traditional romantic comedy for originality, with a different kind of romance. The film replaces the love story of a young couple with older characters, which is quite rare to say the least.

In the cast we find Brooke Shields, a very famous model and actress in the eighties, who returns in the main role. Opposite him, Benjamin Bratt, Sean Taylor, Miranda Cosgrove and Chad Michael Murray, the star of the series The Scott Brothers, answer him.

The sunny and light comedy Mother of the Bride is now available on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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