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‘The Lord of the Rings’: What we know about the new Gollum-focused film

A new film for the award-winning franchise was confirmed this week.Lord of the Rings”. According to Warner Bros., the film will be tentatively titled “The Hunt for Gollum” (OR “The Hunt for Gollum”, in free translation) will leave the hobbits in the background and focus on Gollum, one of the most important and complex characters of the original trilogy.

All about the new’Lord of the Rings

Frodo (Elijah Wood), Gollum (Andy Serkis) and Sam (Sean Astin) in “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”, 2003. Image: Disclosure/New Line Cinema

What do we know about”The Hunt for Gollum

Everything indicates that “The Hunt for Gollum” will be told from the character’s point of view. In “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” he appears briefly, but always in the background of the main story. The creature is captured, taken to Sauron’s fortress, and under torture reveals further information about the whereabouts of the One Ring.

Following the films’ timeline, the new film will be set between Bilbo Baggins’ birthday party and the start of Frodo’s journey to Mordor.

The title is an allusion to the period in which Gollum is jointly sought by Gandalf and Aragorn, which has not yet appeared in the films and takes place when the wizard leaves the Shire to learn more about Frodo’s magic ring, which requires many years in the book.

The two spent a lot of time working together to try to capture Serkis’ character in front of the enemy and it will also be important for the development of the story.

It is worth mentioning that a film with the same title was produced by Tolkien fans. Warner Bros. also announced in February 2023 that it had reached a deal to make multiple films based on British author JRR Tolkien’s fantasy book series.

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