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The web reacts after Davi’s insult on Wanessa Camargo’s show: ‘Still ridiculous’

‘BBB 24’ champion Davi is insulted during a show by singer Wanessa Camargo in Sao Paulo

Davidchampion of BBB 24, became the target of attacks on the singer’s show Wanessa Camargo. The event took place on Friday evening, 10/05, in Sao Paulo.

In a video that went viral on social media, the celebrity’s fans attacked the ex-brother of the Globo reality show. “Hey, Davi, go fuck yourself!”, they shouted.

Wanessa preferred to escape the controversy and tried to lighten the situation. “Let me tell you something, this is about us. It’s about our history, that’s all. I truly appreciate your affection, your respect, for never letting go of my hand at any time. I know you know who I am, I’m 23 years old”, ventilated.

The moment gave people something to talk about and generated ripples across the internet: “They haven’t gotten over David yet.”said one netizen. “Useless like her“, blew up another person.”Still ridiculous“, fired the third.

Watch the video!

Source: Terra

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