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Apple TV+ cancels “Constellation” after one season

The series starring Noomi Rapace ends its trajectory with a cliffhanger that will have no conclusion


Apple TV+ has decided not to renew “Constellation” for its second season. The decision comes after a low-key showing of its inaugural season, which concluded on March 27 after airing eight episodes. Science fiction followed an astronaut who goes into space and never returns.

The story of “Constellation”

Noomi Rapace (“Prometheus”) plays Jo, a Swedish astronaut who takes part in a long mission on the International Space Station, when an experiment commissioned by former astronaut and scientist Henry (played by Jonathan Banks, of “Better Call Saul”) goes tragically wrong. Upon returning to Earth, everything seems strange. Jo finds herself facing discrepancies in her reality, noticing discrepancies ranging from the color of the family car to her daughter Alice, forgetting the Swedish language. Young Alice, played by twins Davina and Rosie Coleman, emerges as the emotional conscience of the story, playing a crucial role in the search for answers about the changes that have occurred in her mother’s life.

Difficulty of the approach

“Constellation” wasn’t a disaster, as it received 71% critical approval on Rotten Tomatoes, but it didn’t engage audiences or become a topic on social media. This is due to slow development. The series created by Peter Harness (writer of “Doctor Who”) seemed to elongate a plot that could be told more concisely, and his patient approach was not a big draw. However, he also offered moments of tension and suspense, and the mystery of him is such that it keeps viewers in doubt until the end.

The plot begins as a psychological thriller with elements of space horror, but as it develops it turns into a family drama with a touch of mystery. Told across multiple timelines and perspectives, the narrative was considered confusing by some viewers, even with the deft direction of Michelle MacLaren, a two-time Emmy winner for her work on “Breaking Bad.”

Unfortunately, his end isn’t really the end of the story, just the season. “Constellation” was not a miniseries and the last episode ends with a cliffhanger for a new season that will not be produced.

Cancellation of sci-fi content is rare on Apple TV+

Science fiction is a central genre for Apple TV+, which has other series in its catalog such as “For All Mankind”, recently renewed for a fifth season and which will also get a spin-off series entitled “Star City”. Additionally, “Foundation”, “Ruptura”, “Invasion” and “Silo” will return with new seasons. This week, Apple TV+ also premiered “Dark Matter” and announced future releases such as “Neuromancer,” starring Callum Turner, and “Murderbot,” starring Alexander Skarsgard. The “Sugar” series also surprised by taking an unexpected turn toward science fiction in its most recent episode.

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