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Tonight on Netflix: Released 30 years ago, this movie changed the face of cinema forever

John Hammond, a multi-billionaire who always dreamed of giving the world an extraordinary spectacle, manages to achieve what no one thought possible: a very precise genetic process developed by his researchers and blood found in a fossilized mosquito. Over millions of years, it gave birth to dinosaurs.

He is determined to make them the main attractions of the park he plans to open on the small Costa Rican island, but he still needs to convince shareholders of the viability of his project, which is considered unstable and dangerous. To do this, he invites three specialists – paleontologist Alan Grant, paleobotanist Ellie Sattler and chaosist Ian Malcolm – to visit Jurassic Park in advance.

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A perfect show

We obviously no longer present Jurassic Park, which was signed in 1993 by maestro Steven Spielberg. Absolutely perfect entertainment, representing many of the best blockbusters ever made, this attraction of the seventh art is also a sensitive, deep and faithful work, much richer and complex than it appears.

To discover all its subtleties and explore its smallest corners, we highly recommend multiple viewings: no matter how many times you’ve watched it before, you’ll always discover something new when you watch Jurassic Park again.

In addition to its fascinating speech Man’s Place Before Nature, Spielberg’s film is also a milestone in the history of cinema. Indeed, there are few feature films that can boast of being directly involved in writing a new chapter, but Jurassic Park is undoubtedly one of them.

A revolution in the world of special effects

A veritable thunderclap in the world of special effects when it hit theaters 31 years ago today, just as revolutionary as George Lucas’ original Star Wars was in 1977, Spielberg’s blockbuster is forever changing the way movies are made.

Mesmerized by the realism of his creations, and especially the masterful T-Rex sequence in the middle of the film, all filmmakers who came after would use him as an example. Year zero of the digital age (already cleared by works like Abyss or Terminator 2 by James Cameron) Jurassic Park finally transforms model makers into computer science and cardboard sets into digital programs.

And even if you’re not interested in special effects, you might want to check out the movie for its excellent casting, masterful soundtrack, dialogue quality, or directorial virtuosity. As you can imagine, there are no good reasons to return to Jurassic Park!

(Re)discover all the hidden details of the movie…

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