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Rafaella Justus is criticized after the final results of the surgery and reacts to the controversial comment: “It was the right decision…”

Rafaella Justus continues to receive questions about her rhinoplasty and orthognathic surgeries, and this time, she explained what motivated her to undergo the procedures.

Raffaella Giusto daughter of Ticiane Pinheiro AND Roberto Giusto has had two surgeries recently, being a rhinoplasty AND orthognathic surgery, where he corrected the bite of the jaw. However, the fact that she was only 14 ended up sparking controversy on the Internet.

Owner of a unique style, always shown in creative and elegant looksRafa Justus opened a question box on his Instagram to talk to his fans about everyday problems and the long-awaited fifteenth birthday party that promises to shake Brazil.

In one of the comments, however, an internet user criticized the fact that the influencer underwent surgery before reaching the age of majority: “Why nose surgery now? You may be 18 years old or older, you are still a child” the woman said.

The controversial question, however, was answered elegantly by Rafa Justus. The influencer, already with the completely healed procedures and highly appreciated by the public on social mediahe explained his reasons very politely:

“It was my decision with the absolute support of my family. I feel there is no right age to have a boost in self-esteem. I was prepared and determined and nothing stopped me from pursuing what I wanted. It was the right decision for me at this point in my life. Age doesn’t matter, happiness matters,” Rafaella wrote.

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