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Is 1.6 million spectators at Madonna’s concert in Rio FALSE? The Institute publishes the ‘real number’ of people present at the event and shocks the web. Understand!

Madonna’s show in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, continues to spark controversy on social media. This time Datafolha disclosed the possible number of people attending the event and divided opinions on social media

A week ago, Madonna sets fire to Rio de Janeiro with a very controversial and engaging show nudity, sexual simulations and quite bold. With the presence of Anita AND Pablo Vittarthe presentation of the queen of pop in Copacabana brought together a estimated audience of 1.6 million peopleaccording to the municipality of Rio.

However, recent data released by the Datafolhaimportant institute specialized in research, especially electoral, indicate that these are the numbers declared by the city of Rio de Janeiro it could be fake.

According to the company, the space where Madonna’s fashion show was held in Copacabana could contain, at most, 875 thousand people. The possible “real numbers” released by Datafolha represent just over half of the 1.6 million declared by the municipality of Rio de Janeiro and have caused a sensation on the web.

How did Datafolha arrive at this number?

According to Folha de S. Paulo, a detailed analysis of aerial images of the location, released by the municipality of Rio de Janeiro and other agencies, was carried out with the help of the professional version of Google Earth.

In this way it was possible to calculate the perimeter occupied by the public at Madonna’s show. According to the Institute, fans of the queen of pop spread from the main stage area, located in front of the Copacabana Palace, to Avenida Princesa Isabel, where the stage of DJ Pedro Sampaio’s after was located.

It was thus concluded that the perimeter occupied by the public was 125 thousand square meters…

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