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Tonight on TV: Tom Cruise + The Heat Director = One of the Best Action Movies of the 2000s

Los angeles. In the middle of the night, a taxi driver is forced to help a mysterious killer fulfill a contract.

Balanced as it is, this pitch could indicate that we’re about to end up with a small, innocuous B-series and not much more…horrible mistake! Because this pitch is an excellent collateral, one of the best action movies of the 2000s, which allows us to discover and, at the very least, unprecedented, Tom Cruise as a bad guy!

wonderful Thriller A night orchestrated by Michael Mann, the man to whom we owe the iconic Heat, bailReleased in 2004, it’s a small wonder of theaters. Twilight, a tense, soulful film with a crazy atmosphere that will grab you in just a few frames… great cinema, therefore, Tom Cruise As a (very believable) nasty, insatiable and ruthless character!

“When he got on the set, Tom wasn’t acting like a star, he was just an actor.”Enjoy it Michael Mann. “Conscientious, arriving fifteen minutes before shooting his scenes. What he likes is the work, the concentration. He invests 100% in each of his scenes.”

Tom Cruise’s face has changed

To fulfill his killer character, Tom Cruise His physical appearance has changed, with silver hair and a growing beard. He also trained with Mick Gould, a former member of the English Special Intervention Unit who has since been hired Michael Mann as a technical advisor warmth. Next to him, the actor learned to kill a man with his bare hands, a knife and a gun, and to recognize places to escape as quickly as possible.

wonderful Thriller which undoubtedly suggests Tom Cruise One of his best performances ever (let’s not forget Jamie Foxx, also great!). bail That’s why you should enjoy Arte quickly. Note, the shell of this thriller gem, a certain… sneaky appearance by Jason Statham. How to resist?

Tonight on Arte at 9 o’clock.

False Connection: Tom Cruise’s Gaffes and Mistakes

Source: Allocine

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