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Will Criminals have a second season?

The German series Criminals recently released by Netflix has achieved enormous success since its debut in the streaming platform’s catalogue. The crime thriller plot was created by Marvin Kren, director of Bloody Glacier (2013), and follows two criminals who team up to pull off one last heist. With just 8 episodes, the series reached the top 10 on Netflix as soon as it was released, and many are wondering if the production will be renewed for a second season.

Synopsis and cast

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In Germany, a rare gold coin displayed in a museum attracts the attention of several criminal organizations who want to get their claws on the artifact. Charly, a talented former safecracker, is hired by old allies to steal the item.

With the help of his faithful companion, the gangster Joseph, Charly embarks on a dangerous undertaking and ends up being noticed by several rival gangs in Berlin, Marseille and Vienna. Things don’t go as planned and the two find themselves caught up in a dangerous treasure hunt across Europe.

The cast includes Frederick Lau (The Wave) as Charly, Christoph Krutzler (The Anatomy of a Judgment) as Joseph, Svenja Jung (The Empress) as Samira, Jonathan Tittel (Zwerg Nase) as Jonas, Kida Khodr Ramadan (4Blocks) as Rami. , Klara Mucci (Metropolitanci) in the role of Alina Ionescu, as well as other names.

Will Criminals have a second season?

At the time of publishing this post, Netflix had not yet confirmed a second season of Criminals, but the series’ cancellation has not yet been announced, so there is still hope.

The launch of the production is recent and the streaming platform needs time to study the audience numbers and metrics to decide whether the story will be renewed for another season. Given its success, it is possible that there will be a sequel to the story, at the moment we just have to wait for an official statement from Netflix.

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