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Collateral: target practice and disguise as a delivery boy, Tom Cruise’s crazy preparation for the film

Collateral : A Night to Remember by Michael Mann

Collateral (2004) it is undoubtedly one of the best films by Michael Mann and the actors who took part in it. An intense thriller that sees Vincent (Tom Cruise) get in the taxi Max (Jamie Foxx), in Los Angeles. The first has several meetings in the city and asks the second to be his driver for a night. Except that Vincent is not a businessman, but a killer who has to eliminate several targets. By the time Max realizes what he’s involved in, it’s already too late.

In addition to its compelling concept, Collateral fascinates with the relationship that is created between Max and Vincent, both sharing elements of their lives during that night and between two shootings. Michael Mann’s direction is also exemplary, marked by the use of digital technology which allows the director to obtain great depth and particular lights for captures a night in Los Angeles like no other. It is above all for these reasons that we have placed the film at the top in our ranking of Michael Mann films. But there are still many other things to talk about CollateralAS Tom Cruise’s outstanding performance.

Vincent (Tom Cruise) - Collateral ©United International Pictures
Vincent (Tom Cruise) – Collateral ©United International Pictures

The actor, accustomed to playing heroes (Top Gun, Mission Impossibleetc.), agreed for once to be the film’s antagonist. A cold and methodical killer which however proves overwhelming in its moments of introspection. One look at the actor in front of the coyotes crossing the street is enough to reveal the depth of the character, while his final shot in the subway is perhaps one of the finest offered by Michael Mann.

Intense training to become Vincent

To get this performance, Tom Cruise worked. And not just a little. First with Michael Mann, for 2-3 months who provided him with a significant number of details about Vincent and his past. As he explained in the making of, the director showed it to him photo of where his character comes from, told him his story, what he did when he was a child or teenager. And according to Michael Mann, he and Tom Cruise had “a complete understanding of what Vincent thinks at every moment of the film“.

In addition to this psychological preparation of the character, Tom Cruise had to do the same Physical training to best embody Vincent, until”become the characterIt was then Michael Mann himself who set up a shooting training program with Mick Gould, a former member of the British Special Forces (SAS, Special Air Service), an expert in close combat and who had already collaborated with the director Heat (1996).

This is the type of training he (Vincent) would have had if he had spent 8 to 12 years in the Special Forces.

Tom Cruise therefore had to handle blank pistols, very close to real firearms. A choice by Michael Mann so that his sensations are as close as possible to a certain reality. Check out this workout with the video below:

When Tom Cruise dresses up as a FedEx delivery man

In addition to handling weapons, Tom Cruise worked for months on the choreography of hand-to-hand combat. All this, always under the meticulous control of Michael Mann.

Not everything Tom does in the film is the work of a stuntman. He really did it and without cuts.

Finally, an important element of Collateral that’s what Vincent is a character that must go unnoticed. If a witness sees him, he can say he saw a white man dressed in gray. A vague description that will make the work of the police very difficult. But to get there, Tom Cruise also tried to go unnoticed. Even though he was a big star, easily recognizable by his face and voice, Michael Mann asked him pretend to be a delivery boy. He simply had to deliver a package to a place full of people without being recognized. And the actor played it to perfection, going so far as to strike up a conversation with multiple people without being exposed. The perfect FedEx delivery man, as we can see from the hidden camera in the video below:

Source: Cine Serie

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