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Coming soon to Netflix: 5 releases you shouldn’t miss in the coming days, including a movie rated 4.9 out of 5…

Mandible (May 19)

what is this movie about

Jean-Gab and Manu, two ordinary friends, discover a giant fly stuck in the trunk of a car and decide to train it to make money.

Why does this fascinate us?

If you love Quentin Dupierre’s cinema and missed out on seeing Mandibles in theaters, then here’s your chance to catch up on streaming! This slightly offbeat comedy allows its actors to break free from their acting chops and show a side of them we didn’t know, such as Adele Exarchopoulos, who proves here that she can be particularly funny.

Fabelmans (May 22)

what is this movie about

A deeply intimate portrait of a 20th-century American childhood, Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans immerses us in the film director’s family history that shaped his personal and professional life. Based on the story of a single young initiate who strives to realize his dreams, the film explores romantic relationships, artistic ambitions, sacrifice and moments of clarity that allow us to take an honest and tender look at ourselves and our parents.

Why does this fascinate us?

His directorial most intimate film, The Fabelmans, unequivocally tells the story of its creator’s youth. Steven Spielberg, above all, talks about his art, his passion, shares his techniques for filming a slice of life. This feature film left critics speechless, giving it a perfect score of 4.9/5…

Atlas (May 24)

what is this movie about

A brilliant data analyst, Atlas Shepherd is a misanthrope and completely mistrustful of artificial intelligence. As he embarks on a mission to capture the rebel robot, he realizes that he has dealt with this mysterious machine before. While the mission doesn’t go as planned, Atlas has no choice but to finally trust the AI ​​if he wants to save the future of humanity…

Why does this fascinate us?

If Netflix releases mediocre movies quite often, the platform does quite well in its sci-fi works. Based on the Atlas trailer, the special effects are smooth enough for subscribers to have a good time watching. Add to that the fact that it’s carrying Jennifer Lopez and that she’s already proven herself on the platform. This is the undisputed hit of the month of May.

Eric (May 30)

What is this series about?

New York, 1980s After his nine-year-old son Edgar disappears on his way to school, Vincent begins a desperate search. Considered one of the best puppeteers in the Big Apple, the creator of a hugely popular children’s show, Vincent struggles to cope with his son’s absence, but is overcome with grief and gradually loses his leg.

Why does this fascinate us?

Because Benedict Cumberbatch. The English actor chooses his projects carefully, most often he prefers composite roles (as in “The Power of a Dog”). In Eric, this thriller aspect and fantasy twist seemed to appeal to him. Because if the original premise is the disappearance of a child, then the series takes a rather unexpected direction to better show this father’s pain. These 6 episodes, by the producers of Chernobyl, will take us through all the emotions.

ni una mas (31)

What is this series about?

At the age of 17, Al almost finished high school. He has known his friends Greta and Nata since childhood, with whom he shares everything, from going out to problems typical of their age: feelings of exclusion, jealousy, problems with parents and even toxic relationships. But when the profile @Iam_colemanmiller posts a photo on social networks with the caption: “This was me before you raped me”, nothing seems normal and everything changes. How and when did this attack happen? Who is behind this profile? Is this allegation true, and if so, who is the victim?

Why does this fascinate us?

Netflix hasn’t done any promotion around this series, but it’s one of those shows that doesn’t need it to work. Ni Una Mas (Raising the Voices) has all the ingredients to become a huge hit. We know that French subscribers are interested in the Spanish series, especially when they have a single youth like in the elite.

Source: Allocine

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