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Tonight on TV: The detective film that brought Agatha Christie to life

What’s more enjoyable than a “whodunit”! Don’t know what a whodunit is? However, you’ve seen dozens of them, and you’ve undoubtedly had a hand in uncovering their secrets!

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“Whodunit” (a contraction of “Who did it?”, which should not be translated as “Who did it?”) is simply a detective film with a crime and many potential criminals, the goal of which is to discover who is the author. About the murder! If you like this kind of cinematic Agatha Christie-style mystery, then good news: the last classic of the genre, the highly entertaining Knives Out, will be broadcast this Sunday evening on France 2!

The hilarious Knives Out, which hit theaters in 2019 and whose ending could be spoiled by a small detail if you noticed, begins with the death of acclaimed thriller author Harlan Thromb. With a sharp mind and good demeanor, Detective Benoit Blanc is then hired by an anonymous sponsor to solve the case. But between Harlan’s family, who are tearing each other apart, and his co-workers who remain loyal to him, Blanc is thrown into the thick of an eventful investigation, mixing lies and false leads, where twists and turns follow each other at a frantic pace until the very last minute.

with during a fightAmerican Rian Johnson, director of Star Wars – The Last Jedi, wanted, likeAgatha ChristieTell an entertaining detective story while examining social relations and the different layers of modern America. “Agatha Christie’s stories didn’t have messages, but you just have to look at her characters: they say a lot about British society at the time.”the film director notes.

Daniel Craig will make you scream with laughter!

“We start ourselves by saying that we’ve seen a movie like this before, that we know how it works, but we get into the game and realize that we’re deeply invested in the characters.”– adds producer Ram Bergman. “The film then becomes much deeper and much more ambitious than we think we expected.”

Full of suspense and twists, with a carefully crafted plot, during a fight is a gem of a detective film, a rhythmic, funny and clever Cluedo that will make your gray cells boil. And what about the casting of this piece that resurrects a genre we thought was forgotten? It’s absolutely fantastic, especially with Chris Evans, Anna De Arma, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon and, above all, the brilliant Daniel Craig, far from Agent 007, who makes you laugh out loud (yes, yes, you’ll see!).

Tonight on France 2 at 21:10.

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Source: Allocine

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