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Video: Messi loses patience and denounces new ‘anti-wax’ law after punishment in MLS

The Argentine star was the subject of a rule that aims to avoid wasting time in North American football; Inter Miami’s match was also characterized by a beautiful free kick from Rojas

Inter Miami’s comeback victory over Montreal last Saturday, the 11th, was marked by the star’s dissatisfaction Lionel Messi. The Argentine lost his temper after being punished by the MLS’ new “anti-wax” law, adopted to prevent players from wasting time. Annoyed, he turned to the camera and blew up the directive.

“With these types of rules we are going in the wrong direction,” criticized the star in the 43rd minute of the match, when his team lost 2-0. After being hit, the number 10 remained lying on the pitch for more than a minute 15 seconds. And as requested, he had to be removed by the medical team and remain outside the four lines for at least two minutes.

The package of changes was approved at the end of 2023 and came into force in April, including for replacements. Now, the athlete who leaves the changeover will have to respect the 10 second limit to leave the field. Otherwise the punishment is one minute.

Without Messi, former Corinthians Matias Rojas took responsibility for the dead ball and opened the scoring with a beautiful free kick (see below). The goal started the reaction of the team, who equalized in injury time of the first phase, with a goal from Luis Suárez. The turning point came in the second half, with Benjamin Cremaschi scoring the final goal: 3-2 for Inter Miami.

Inter Miami remains leaders of the MLS Eastern Conference with 27 points and five consecutive victories in 13 games. Messi and his teammates return to the pitch to face Orlando City on Wednesday 15th.

Source: Terra

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