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Here’s where it all starts: we’ve seen her with Frances Weber and in the TV series Highlander… but who is Alexandra Vandernoot, Annabelle Cardone’s interpreter?

Spring promises to be explosive in the series It All Begins. And for good reason, on May 3rd, Chef Cardone made a grand return to the Institut Auguste Armand, much to everyone’s surprise, especially Emmanuel Teissier (Benjamin Barochet).

Chef Cardone, a great character

In the new TF1 daily arc, Claire Guino (Kathryn Marshall) has made a pact with Teissier’s archenemy: Annabelle Cardon. The latter promised everything that Louis (Fabien Wolfrom) would return to the Institute in exchange for his valuable support towards Emmanuel’s exit.

To be exact, in episode 918 of Friday 3 May 2024, after a general vote, Teissier was fired and Cardone was appointed director of the Institut Auguste Armand for a one-year term. And the least we can say is that the new leader is determined to ensure order among students and teachers. From now on, his only watchword is this: discipline.

In the last episodes of Here It All Begins, Annabelle Cardon offered Jasmine (Zoe Severin) to replace Kelly (Axel Dodier) at the Coupe de France de Cuisine, which the young woman accepted. But what the director didn’t consider was that Teissier was going to get back into racing by becoming Kelly’s brigade trainer.

A duel between two enemy leaders now brings the series to life. So we’re not done seeing the uncompromising Annabelle Cardon on screen, played by internationally renowned Belgian actress Alexandra Vandernoot. We will tell you where you have already seen it.

Alexandra Vandernoot, a precious connection to comedy

60-year-old Alexandra Vandernoot, the wife of director-screenwriter Bernard Uzan, is not making her first attempt at cinema. After a promising first foray into theater, she really rose to fame in 1992 with her role as Tessa Noel, the fiancee of the immortal Duncan McLeod (Adrian Paul), in the TV series Highlander. His performance brought him international success.

While casting for fantasy fiction, Alexandra Vandernoot appeared in several French productions and became one of director Francis Weber’s favorite actresses. He offered him the leading roles in his greatest comedies: Le Jaguar with Jean Reno and Patrick Bruel, Le Dîner de cons with Thierry Lhermite and Jacques Villeret or even Le Placard with Daniel Otte and Gérard Depardieu.

And a few years later, he gave her the lead role in his play Cher Trésor, alongside Gérard Juniot. A particularly notable return to the stage, as this work enjoyed great success.

But since 2000, after many appearances in French comedies, the Belgian actor changed direction and tried his hand at television series. Alexandra Vandernot notably received supporting roles in successful television series such as Camping Paradis, Joséphine, Ange Guardian, Section de Recherche, Perfect Crimes and À Wrong or Right.

But it was in 2021 that the actress made a big comeback by joining the cast of two phenomenal series: Season 3 of Family Business, broadcast on Netflix, with Jonathan Cohen, where she plays Catherine (aka Penelope), a double agent; And of course, this is where it all starts, where he gives Annabel Cardon his features. In these two plays, Alexandra Vandernoot plays a dark and Machiavellian character. A role that seems to stick to the skin.

At the moment, we don’t know if Alexandra Vandernoot’s comeback starts here, if it’s temporary or permanent. Either way, the next few episodes of TF1’s daily show are going to be particularly explosive…

Source: Allocine

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