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MacGyver, 33 Years Later: Whatever Happened to Richard Dean Anderson?

While working at the Phoenix Foundation, MacGyver is called upon to help when a dangerous situation calls for it. A devotee of non-violence, he uses only his wits, his malice and his legendary Swiss army knife to defeat conspiracies, attacks and other nefarious projects.

From 1985 to 1992, the (non)adventures of the special agent, played by Richard Dean Anderson, brought joy to fans of the series, who were amazed by the absolutely incredible ingenuity (in every sense of the word) that this character (and the series) brought to the story. on a small screen.

If the actor was able to bounce back after the triumph of this series and its seven seasons, he remains with this experience. And has been away from the set for several years now.

From soap operas to MacGyver

In 1976, the public first discovered the actor on television in the series Alliances & Betrayals, where he played the role of Dr. Jeff Weber in many episodes. Five years later, Richard Dean Anderson collaborated with CBS for two series in which he starred: first, in 1982, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, adapted from the Stanley Donen musical; Then, the following year, Scandals at the Admiralty, created by Esther and Richard Shapiro.

The actor gained more fame in 1985 when he played the main role of MacGyver, created by Lee David Zlotoff, a secret agent who is skilled in non-violence. Among its producers, Henry Winkler (Fonzie from Happy Days!), the ABC series enjoyed continuous success for 7 seasons both in the United States and internationally.

Meanwhile, the actor also starred in the TV movie Ordinary Heroes, where he portrayed a blind Vietnam veteran. Richard Dean Anderson, who has led a career on the small screen, was also considered for the role of Commander Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which was eventually awarded to Avery Brook.

The disappointment was quickly forgotten as the actor once again donned the MacGyver suit that really suited him in 1994 for two TV movies he produced: Treasure of Atlantis and Road to Hell.

Stargate Rebound

As a regular in the space western legend’s only season, the actor next dons the uniform of a jet pilot in the disaster miniseries Destination Unknown, then a fireman in Firehouse.

In 1997, MGM president John Symes offered her the lead role in the science fiction series Stargate SG-1, a spin-off from Roland Emmerich’s blockbuster Stargate. After that, Richard Dean Anderson agreed to transfer his features to Colonel Jack O’Neill, so that his character was lighter than in the original version (played by Kurt Russell) and surrounded by a team.

Thus, together with Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks, he delights fans who also sometimes find him in numerous spin-offs (Atlantis, Continuum or Universe).

The price of fame, Richard Dean Anderson is invited to double his role in an episode of the seventeenth season of his favorite show, The Simpsons. In “Our Homer Who Is God” (the original version of “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore”), he finds himself kidnapped and kidnapped by Marge Simpson’s twin sisters, Patty and Selma, die-hard MacGyver fans.

“I don’t find it very interesting!”

In 2005, the actor decided to continue in the final two seasons of Stargate SG-1 as a guest in order to devote more time to his daughter; In addition to some appearances in sitcoms (Facing Kate, Raising Hope, Don’t Trust the B—— Apartment 23) and video game voice acting Stargate: Unlocked.

In 2016, CBS decided to renew MacGyver with a modernized version. The producer approached Richard Dean Anderson and asked him not to overtly reprise his iconic role, but to appear in a wink as a baton-passer for a new generation.

“When I asked to see some scripts and some scenes, I found that it didn’t seem very exciting. And I didn’t really want to be there, I admit, so I turned down the invitation and once the show aired and I was able to see it, I was happy that I made that decision.” . He later confided.

Richard Dean Anderson at the 25th Paris Manga and Sci-Fi Show in Paris 2018.

Now 74, he divides his time between Vancouver, Los Angeles and his home in northern Minnesota. Life away from the film set, except for two roles in two versions of Stargate, Atlantis and Universe.

Very active in environmental and humanitarian work, he was also an executive producer on documentary credits. why only oneRaising public awareness about sea turtle conservation.

Cautious about his personal life, he does not despiseWalk the fan convention trails regularlyA character who is mostly involved in pop culture is always remembered.

“You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.” regularly MacGyver between two DIY projects. A principle that Richard Dean Anderson built into his successful and successful career in television.

Source: Allocine

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