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Tonight on TV: Yes, Anthony Quinn does a ton, but he’s still great

Anthony Quinn is a true legend of the seventh art, a true cinema “face”, whose performances in Zorba the Greek, Viva Zapata!, Lawrence of Arabia, The Laws of Navarone and La Strada are especially remembered. But there are also lesser-known films, such as the excellent La Vingt-cinquiième Heure, which Arte is broadcasting this evening. A work that should not leave you indifferent.

The feature film was released in cinemas in 1967 the twenty-fifth hourDirected by Henri Verneil (The Cow and the Prisoner, The Clan of Sicilians, Fear in the City, Melody in the Cellar), based on the work of the Roman writer Virgil Georgius, he tells us the tragic adventure of a Romanian peasant. The latter played Anthony QuinnHe is an extremely honest person during the troubled period of the Second World War, followed by the post-war period.

Even when Anthony Quinn Not always subtle, it’s impossible not to agree that the Mexican-American actress is absolutely gorgeous the twenty-fifth hour. You should not soon forget his interpretation of the simple peasant who covers him with chaos, perfectly staged in the middle of a mural that lasts more than two hours, from which we will remember the great beauty of the decoration and photography.

The great lesson of mankind on Arte

The great lesson of mankind, the twenty-fifth hourScored by George Deleroy, this unfairly little-known film should be quickly discovered, a moving drama that also stars Italy’s Virna Lisi, as well as singer and actor Serge Regian. What if it starts?

Tonight on Arte at 9 o’clock.

Source: Allocine

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