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Tonight on TV: Bruce Willis in the (rare) villain role alongside a cinema legend

Bruce Willis is ruthless

In the late ’90s, Bruce Willis was a superstar and starred in big-budget films where he saved the planet. Literally, given that it came out in 1997 for example The fifth element and in 1998 Armageddon. Also released in 1998 Curfewthen in 2000 Sixth Sense AND Unbreakable. Bruce Willis is therefore very “indestructible”, he is a action heroa savior.

It was therefore a surprise when, in 1997, it was included The Jackal by Michael Caton-Jones the role of a ruthless hitmannicknamed “the JackalHe has no known identity, often changes appearance, and is endowed with exceptional composure.

The Jackal (Bruce Willis) - The Jackal
The Jackal (Bruce Willis) – The Jackal ©UGC

The FBI is nervous. A relentless killer has been hired by a mysterious organization to eliminate one of America’s most important political figures. Known as “the Jackal” (Bruce Willis), this man remains elusive and constantly changes his identity. Carter Preston (Sidney Poitier), deputy director of the FBI, faces the most difficult mission of his career. For the occasion he teams up with Valentina Koslova (Diane Venora), a senior Russian secret services. They ask Declan Mulqueen (Richard Gere), a veteran of espionage and terrorism who has worked with “the Jackal”, to join forces with them.

Bruce Willis trades with Richard Gere

Proof that Bruce Willis was desired and appreciated in hero roles of the time, for which he was first approached embody Declan Mulqueen, the “good guy” of the film, and it was Richard Gere who was offered the role of “Jackal.” But the two actors end up reversing the casting, with Richard Gere following Bruce Willis.

Although the film did not convince critics upon its release, they found Michael Caton-Jones’ film very “flat” for an action thriller and significantly inferior to Jackal of 1973 of which it is the remake, Bruce Willis embodies “the Jackal” to perfection, and leaves some memorable sequences in the memories – including the one below the scene of the famous “trial” with the character played by Jack Black.

Sidney Poitier’s last film appearance

Around these two actors who make up a tense face to face, the secondary cast of The Jackal he is hot. We find there in particular Mathilda May, Diane Venora, JK Simmons and Jack Black, but above all we can see the legendary actor Sidney Poitier.

The Jackal
Carlton Preston (Sidney Poitier) – The Jackal ©UGC

In The JackalSidney Poitier, first black actor to achieve the Oscar for best actor in 1964 for his performance in The lily of the fields, plays Carlton Preston, deputy director of the FBI. If we see him next time in television productions, that’s all last role on the big screen.

Source: Cine Serie

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