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55 years and 25 action movies: when will we see this actor with his impressive physique on the big screen?

After the success of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and Dune 2, Dave Bautista, 55, is growing up! The American actor is listed in at least ten upcoming projects. Firstly, the ex-wrestler has already done 3 movies which don’t have a release date yet.

Dave the killer!

First, we can cite The Killer’s Game, directed by JJ Perry. Bautista plays high-flying assassin Joe Flood. The latter will learn that he is being punished by illness. A Catholic, he decides not to end his life and ensures that his partner is financially secure.

When Flood learns he’s been misdiagnosed, his new mission is to protect his wife. But several assassins are now fighting for the bounty that Fuld promised them in the wake of his imminent death.

Dave Bautista also canned In The Lost Lands, directed by Paul WS Anderson (Resident Evil). It is an adaptation of the story of the same name written by George AR Martin, author of Game of Thrones.

The story introduces us to a desperate queen who wants to receive the gift of metamorphosis. Then he hires the sorceress Gray Alice, who grants all wishes, even the wildest. The Queen then sends Alice to the Lost Lands in the company of the mysterious Wandering Boyce. Together they must outwit and defeat man and demon.

A spy, but not much

Also coming soon to Prime Video is Dave Bautista in the action comedy My Spy the Eternal City. The story tells about a teenager, Sophie. He convinces JJ to take her school trip to Italy. They unwittingly find themselves in the middle of an international terrorist plot targeting CIA chief David Kim and his son Colin, as well as Sophie’s best friend.

Next, Dave Bautista will star opposite Jeff Bridges in the action film Monsters: Grendel. The actor will play the role of Beowulf. Bryan Cranston will play King Hrothgar, Sam Elliott will play the dragon, Thomasin McKenzie will play Queen Welthew and Aidan Turner will play Unfert. T Bone Burnett will also be there. Robert Krzykowski will direct the film based on a screenplay adapted from John Gardner’s novel of the same name.

Dave Bautista

Explosive duet!

After that, Bautista will create a duo with Samuel L. With Jackson in Afterburn, a feature film between action and science fiction. The story takes place 10 years after a solar flare destroyed technology all over the world.

Ex-soldier Jake stores valuables from the ancient world for wealthy clients. His latest mission is to team up with Drea to capture the Mona Lisa before the warrior reaches her first.

Finally, Dave Bautista will play an undercover DEA agent in Michael Dawes’ Trap House. He and his partner are on the hunt for a group of thieves: their own rebellious teenagers who have double-crossed a dangerous cartel using their parents’ methods. Jack Champion and Sophia Lillis will share the bill with the Hollywood colossus.

Source: Allocine

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