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‘Ozempic Butt’ and hair loss: side effects reported by users of the medicine

The symptoms are not officially recognized as adverse reactions in the medicine’s package leaflet, but a body in the US similar to Anvisa investigates the reports

Women using the medicine Ozempic, as well as similar medicines, have reported side effects after its use. The information is taken from the Daily Mail newspaper. Ozempic is indicated for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, but its use outside the package insert, or “off label”, is used for weight loss.

According to the British newspaper, the women took to social media to report the loss of mass in the buttock region, which they called “Ozempic butt,” which is Portuguese for “Ozempic’s butt.” Patients reportedly said they could feel bones in the posterior region.

TikTok user “@lynnesjourney” complains about the side effect. In the caption of one video, he writes: “Help! I don’t have the ‘Ozempic face’, but I have the ‘Mounjaro ass’!” He continues in the video: “I always said I would get a facelift if I got saggy. What will I do with my butt”? Mounjaro is a medicine used for the same purposes as Ozempic.

@lynnesjourney Help! I don’t have Ozempic’s face, however I have Mounjaro’s butt! All the fat came out of the butt! No junk in the trunk, no more loot. What do I do now? #mountaintrip #weight loss #ozempico #ozempicface #mounjarobutt #traveltoloseweight #Training #bodycare #mounjaro #I need an advice ♬ original sound – LynneG

Ozempic x Mounjaro: which of the two remedies is more powerful?
Ozempic x Mounjaro: which of the two remedies is more powerful?

Possible hair problem

Additionally, an increasing number of women report losing clumps of hair after using Ozempic or similar medications.

None of the symptoms are officially recognized as side effects of Ozempic or similar drugs, but according to the report the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which in Brazil would be equivalent to Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), is investigating reports made by women according to which the use of the medicine had led to hair loss. However, the agency does not yet require this to be mentioned on the label.

Experts point out that the effect on the gluteal region is expected, as the rapid weight loss provided by the drugs tends to leave the skin with little time to adapt, causing it to sag, especially if the treatment is not accompanied by a correct diet and physical exercise.

Source: Terra

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