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Tomorrow is ours: have Manon and Nordin reconciled? Luvia Bachelier and Youssef Agal answer

Is there a time for reconciliation tomorrow belongs to us?

It’s been almost two months since Nordin (Youssef Agal) ended his love affair with Manon (Louvia Bachelier). A heavy blow to daily TF1 series devotees who enjoyed following the adventures of this iconic couple.

If Manon and Nordin don’t stop loving each other in the end, their pride still prevents them from taking a step towards each other. But the car accident that left Daniel’s girlfriend with the use of a leg could bring them closer together in future episodes of the show. To the point of getting back together?

“Both are proud”

In the Télé Poche magazine columns that hit newsstands this week, Youssef Agal and Louvia Bachelier, the translators of Manon and Nordin, talked about the future of their fictional couple.

After the breakup, they tried to put on a good face. That’s because they’re both proud,” Luvia Bachelier explains, before continuing:Manon is treated badly, but refuses to show her weaknesses to Nordin and then, above all, she loves him deep down and does not want to be a burden to him. So he refuses to protect her. They always have difficult dialogue“.

Nordin is devastated by the ordeal Manon is going through. It must be said that the policeman realized that the Downey girl was the woman of his life. He had the opportunity to learn about their history.

Youssef Agal points out that his character “Blaming herself for pushing him away when he made a move towards her. They hurt each other unintentionally, probably out of pride. Today his feelings are very clear. This tragedy cleared his thoughts. This experience serves to test the strength of their love“.

Is reconciliation possible?

If the actors like their characters to get together and why not get married, everything indicates that the road will be difficult. Indeed, the arrival of a new character, played by Juliette Lemonnier (Grand Hôtel), could be an obstacle to this long-awaited reconciliation.

Still in the columns of our colleagues, Youssef Agal also elaborates on this topic that “A very sexy and sparkling young girl will arrive in Sete in early June. This will arouse Manon’s jealousy. The time will come for them to ask themselves the right questions…“.

Will Manon and Nordin put aside their pride to give their story a second chance? The answer will be ours tomorrow.

Source: Allocine

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