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‘Brigerton’: The character from the books who is very important to ‘Polin’, but does not appear in the series

With the third season of “Brigerton” just days away from arriving on Netflix (premiering May 16), fans’ anxieties and questions are peaking.

It is known that this new installment will focus on Penelope and Colin’s love story, which breaks with the Seducing Mr. Bridgerton,” on which the series is based. But that’s not the only way the production differs from Julia Quinn’s work. In the new episodes, the absence of a character who plays an important role in the original plot will be more than obvious.

Warning: spoilers for the Seducing Mr. Bridgerton’ that have a strong connection to the ‘Bridgerton’ series.

‘Brigerton’: the character from the books who does not appear in the series and would be important in season 3

During its three seasons, the Netflix series showed that Penelope has only two older sisters, Prudence and Philippa. However, in the books ‚ÄúSeducing Mr. Bridgerton’, there are four Featherington sisters: Felicity is the youngest of the family;

She is closest to Penelope, treats her better than her other sisters, and is also a dear friend of Hyacinth Bridgerton.

Felicity is so distinguished from the rest of her family that Portia, her mother, believes that she is the only one of her daughters who has the potential to marry a Bridgerton.

This makes her want to pair her up with Colin. However, the young woman realizes the romance between him and her sister, whom she decides to help.

This confusion becomes even more apparent when Colin arrives at the Featherington home to ask permission to marry Penelope: Portia thinks he wants to propose to Felicity, so he calls her frequently and excuses her older sister from the room. Eventually, Felicity herself finds a way to escape, and young Bridgerton makes his intentions with “Pen” clear.

Because Netflix never featured Felicity, her role in the ‘Polin’ love story was completely ruled out.

‘Bridgerton’: why did the Netflix series cut Felicity Featherington, Penelope’s sister?

“Bridgerton” showrunner Jess Brownell spoke to “TV Insider” about the decision to eliminate the younger Featherington from the Netflix series.

According to him, the decision was made by writers Chris Van Dusen and Shonda Rhimes from the beginning of the series because “it becomes difficult to characterize three brothers, especially” when they have a supporting role.

He added that, in doing so, the Netflix series shows ‘Pen’ “feeling even more isolated and alone” and “highlights her predicament having the vipers’ nest with her sisters who are not very kind to her and her mother. which belittles her”: “I think it was a smart decision,” he explained.

Would you like to see Felicity Featherington in the series ‘Bridgerton’? Write your opinion in the comments.

Source: univision

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