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Who is Galactus, the villain who will appear in ‘The Fantastic Four’? Find out how powerful it is

The Marvel company confirmed some time ago that it was working on a new Fantastic Four movie, and on February 14 it was announced that actors Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Joseph Quinn will play these heroes.

Galactus will be the new villain of the MCU and the Fantastic Four

This announcement excited fans, but many began to wonder who the villains would be. Although there was little information about this at first, the situation changed on May 9, when the portal “Variety” announced that Galactus would be the opponent to face Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm.

The actor chosen to play this role is Ralph Ineson, known for his work in films such as “The Witch”, where he plays William, the father of the protagonist Thomasin, and in “The First Prophecy”, one of the most popular horror. movies reviewed since 2024.

Internet users’ opinions were mostly positive about this election. Many claim that Ineson has the perfect physical appearance and powerful voice to bring Galactus to life.

“Someone said he had the right voice for Galatcus and now I’m sold”, “He’s just perfect for the role”, “His voice is incredibly strong and powerful. He’s gonna break it like Galactus”, “Wow, that was a great move by Marvel’, ‘Finally some good casting, thanks’, ‘Wow, I’m sure it won’t disappoint, I’m already looking forward to it’ and ‘Well, I didn’t see this coming and it doesn’t make me angry, instead it excites me’ that they said on social networks like Twitter.

Who is Galactus and what are his powers?

The first appearance of this character was in the comic book ‘Fantastic Four’ #48 in 1966, which ended up being the first graphic novel of the Marvel Comics ‘Galactus Trilogy’, which depicts how the villain intended to devour the Earth, but Johnny and and Sue Storm manage to stop him by stealing one of his secret weapons.

Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, possesses an impressive range of cosmic abilities, including telepathy, time travel, levitation, telekinesis, devouring planets, creating force fields, and manipulating the Cosmic Force, an unlimited source of cosmic energy that he is also capable of. giving other beings abilities that make him one of Marvel’s most powerful characters.

Speculations say that Galactus will come to Earth to “eat the planet” because he wants to satisfy his hunger, but the Fantastic Four will oppose him.

The inclusion of Galactus as a main antagonist opens the door to future storylines and sequels within the MCU, promising exciting developments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Jonathan Mayers was fired as Kang the Conqueror after being accused and found guilty of assaulting a former partner of.

On May 25, 2025, theaters will get this re-release of ‘The Fantastic Four’, which is creating great expectations among fans.

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Source: univision

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