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“Planet of the Apes”: What is the place that Mae blows up and Proximus calls “my vault”?

Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom is now in theaters, telling the story of Noa, an ape who searches for his tribe after being kidnapped by Proximus Caesar and his henchmen.

‘Planet of the Apes’ returns with new movie set generations after Caesar’s death

Along the way, Noah meets Raka, who tells her the story of Caesar, the ape who lived hundreds of years ago (and was the protagonist of the last trilogy) and managed to free his species, which suffered mistreatment at the hands of people. he also believed that humans and animals could get along.

In a world where people are wild and unable to communicate, after falling ill with a strange virus, Noah and Raka meet a “nova” (human) named Mei, who has the ability to speak and understand what’s going on . The young woman joins his journey to find the tyrant Proximus Caesar, who has kidnapped the entire Noa clan to open a fortress he calls “the vault.”

What place does the human Mae destroy in ‘Planet of the Apes: New Order’?

Spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk.

While Noa wants to save her mother, her friends, and the rest of her pack, Mae is in this place with a different purpose: she wants to gain access to a military technology hangar (the “vault”) to retrieve an item , to destroy it and thus prevent Proximus Caesar, or some other ape, from having access to it, since they could thus exterminate men altogether.

After unsuccessful attempts to break down the door, Mae and Noa enter the hangar from another location and discover weapons, computers, and a large bunker, presenting a place where civilized people once lived that is now abandoned, but in the wrong hands could be danger as Mae seeks for humans to rule the world again.

The human, who reveals nothing about her plan, takes an object and leaves through the main door, but before Proximo Caesar can, he floods the entire place thanks to an explosion he had prepared.

Noa and her family manage to escape alive and retreat to rebuild their community, while Mae travels to another seemingly abandoned military base, discovering that there is a colony of humans who haven’t lost their intelligence.

After the object is delivered, one of the scientists starts it up and sets the satellites to work, thus sending a signal to discover if there are other communities that have remained hidden.

Although 20th Century Fox has yet to confirm a sequel, the film’s ending leaves one question: what will civilized humans do now that they can communicate? Will Mae be able to mediate conflicts between humans and apes?

Source: univision

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